Henry Stone Talks Cocaine in the 1970s: “It Was A Serious Party”

“Fred Rector was my head of national promotions. He would take 10,000 records to the one-stop in Chicago, trade for cash, and then bring cocaine to all the key DJ’s in the country. That’s how it was done. That’s how I took over national airplay on my independent records.

It was very difficult to tell who was what cause Fred took care of business and it wasn’t something I knew about. I knew it was being done, cause I remember when TK was really swingin’ in the 70s with all these hits and there used to be these big Billboard conventions at the Hilton in New York….I would rent out two floors at the Hilton. We invited all these key jockeys, bout 20 key disc jockeys from round the country, and we had rooms for each one and on each table was a huge pile of coke.

Each DJ had their own room and whatever lady they wanted to bring, or guy, whatever they wanted. It was fantastic. These Billboard conventions. I had one side of the Hilton and on the other side Neil Bogart from Casablanca Records had the other side. Serious, serious party.

We did it for a couple years, not more than two or three years, cause it was quite expensive yaknow. Anywhere from $25-$50,000, but yknow we got the respect, and to this day the few of the guys that are alive will call me and say, you rememba? Wow Henry you rememba?”



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