Henry Stone on Record Promotion: “I Had 10 Records At a Time on Frankie Crocker’s Radio Show”

“In the 1970s my TK Productions record company was the biggest independent in the world, but there was a big factor to what they call the ingredients of a hit record company. Number one, ego talkin here, is Henry Stone. But besides Henry Stone and the people around me that made the records, the artists and the producers, which is important, is that I had a promotion man called Fred Rector who was the biggest and best promotion man ever, ever.  That was on the R&B side. And on the disco side I had a guy by the name of Ray Caviano. I had this combination goin. It was a formula. That was the ingredients of a hit record company. Really. It wasn’t just KC and The Sunshine Band cause they couldn’t have done it without the promotion I put behind them. And this machine was against the major record companies. I mean TK was a major machine man. Worldwide. I mean Fred Rector used to come to my office on a Monday, fly in just for me. He lived in Chicago and LA, both those places. He’d come in on a Monday. I’d have three new releases of a Beaver record, a Superman record by Cellie B, for example. And I knew these were records already cause I tested em and knew they were records. I’d make a phone call to Chicago, make a phone call to a couple of one stops up there and say “Man, I’m gonna send ya 5,000 free records. I want you to turn em into cash and give the money to Fred Rector.” Then Fred would get on a plane immediately and in 10 days I’d have every major radio station in the country on the record starting with Frankie Crocker in New York. Frankie Crocker. I had 10 records at a time on Frankie Crocker’s show, course I used to give Frankie Crocker 10 grand at a time. I’d have Little Beaver on there, Gwen McCrae on there, KC on there, whateva, 10 at a time, in New York City, in the big city. Same way in Chicago, same way in Detroit. All major cities, ten at a time. With that much cash and coke and cars to make it all happen. And each one of these jockeys would have a Mercedes convertible leased to them. Each one of em yknow. Wherever they were, there was a car waiting for them, that was their car, on a monthly lease. And as long as they kept on playing my records they had all the cash, coke, and cars they could want.”


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