Henry Stone on Miami Radio DJ Bob Green: “I Told Him What To Play, and When To Play It”

“In the 1950’s there were three big disc jockeys in this country. There was Alan Freed in New York; Dick Clark In Philadelphia; and Bob Green in Miami. These three guys controlled all the hit records of the independents. The majors too. Cause there weren’t that many big hits on the majors at that time. It was all the independents.

I managed Bob Green. I was his manager. We became real tight. I was from the Bronx. Bob was from the Bronx. We hit it off. And I directed his career as a disc jockey. I told him what to play. I told him what to play and when to play it. And while he was playing all these great records, he became the number one disc jockey down here. And then we started to run the hops.

We ran hops and Steve Alaimo and his Redcoats were the house band. I used to run these dances with Bob.

We used to get these artists, and all the companies, they would send me Paul Anka, you name it, Frankie Avalon, Chubby Checker, they would send em all down for nothing, just to get em’ on the Bob Green Show, cause they knew that if Bob was playing a record that Dick Clark would play the record or Alan Freed…It was like a whole combo thing. So they sent all the artists down to my hops, and I’ll never forget the first hop with Bob Green.

ABC sent Paul Anka, and we did fantastic, and I remember Bob was at the 1800 club, lived at the 1800 Club on Biscayne Boulevard somewhere. Bob lived there and I came in to give him his cut of the money. It was all singles, or 90 percent singles, and we started counting out the money and he had it spread all over his room. He said “I never saw so much money in my whole life!”

Y’know all those dolla dolla bills.

I had complete control of him financially, spiritually, radiowise, everything. We were buddies, we used to hang out together. We used to go to the track together, that kind of thing. Until, he married a chick by the name of Anita Bryant. I was best man at the wedding by the way, in Oklahoma. Yeah, Bob Green, that was a whole era.”

  • From a 2013 inerview with Henry Stone, where I ask him about DJ Bob Green

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