Henry Stone On How Clarence Reid aka Blowfly Got Into Jai Alai

Clarence Reid and Henry Stone

Clarence Reid and Henry Stone in 2014 – Jake Katel

“I was like the king of Miami Jai Alai. I almost bought the Jai Alai place in the beginning. I used to go every night. I used to bring all the record people. In fact I brought the whole record business to the Jai Alai. Clarence Reid aka Blowfly got really addicted. He goes every day. But I got pretty tight with the owner cause I was there all the time. We got pretty tight. I forget his name.”

“Berenson! That’s the guy’s name, the owner. And like I say, I used to go every night. Me and Berenson got to know each other and talk. And he saw me bring all these people in there like I was an ambassador yknow. Really I was like an ambassador of Jai Alai. And then Clarence started to go. Fuhggett it man, he’s been goin now 25 years. Everyday and every night he’s there. He’s a character.

What a fuckin characta! Man. He’s got some stories.

Later on I understand some guy got murdered, one of the guys that got involved with Jai Alai, guy from Boston or something, he came in and got a piece of it and got murdered.

But Clarence still loves the place. If you ever wanna interview him, that’s where he’s at.”

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