Henry Stone on Gun Violence at TK Productions: “Sax Kari Shot King Sporty”

“Sporty…King Sporty. He got shot by Sax Kari at the TK studio. I was outta town at the time, but I heard about it. Sporty was up there recording with Sax. Sax Kari was an old time musician from way back that hooked himself on to me and he ended up like living in the back of the upstairs at TK and takin care of all the tapes, takin care of things, and he also played on some of the sessions. He was a musican and arranger. It was about one oclock in the morning there in the studio yknow how things go back and forth in the studio, you don’t like this, he don’t like that, and Sporty’s a pretty hot headed Rastafarian yaknow, typical shouting, and he starts shouting at Sax Kari and says, “Mon I’ma kill ya!”

Sax Kari sez, “Yyou gonna kill me? You gonna kill me?”

King Sporty said, “Yah mon,” in his Jamaican accent.

So Sax went back in his lttle room in the back of the studio, pulled out a gun, says, “You motherfucker you gonna kill me, Im’a kill you first.” And boom, shot him.” No cops were called or anything. It was kept quiet.

Sporty was a Rastafarian who made some records for TK. A couple things for us on his own Konduko label, he had his own little labels. He’s been around quite a while. He was married to Betty Wright, he ended up marrying Betty Wright. He got busted, not sure what year, and I member goin down to court as a character witness, cause yknw he never did anything to me. I think they busted him on dope yknow, marijuana, and I testified he worked for me, he used to come in and work, play his music, and he also was involved with Bob Marley, he brought Bob Marley into the studio sometimes, in fact that’s where he wrote “Buffalo Soldier” with Bob Marley. At the time they were doin it i thought it was cute, good idea, but nothin was nothin. Nothin is nothin until it happens. And Sporty, he called me a while back, all upset “You didn’t invite me to your 90th birthday party ya sonofabitch.” He’s down here still. And when they busted him at the time i went down and did the whole thing and went to the judge and said, he’s cool, that as far as I know he didn’t do anything. I never saw him smoke weed, whateva bullshit, did the whole number, good musician who worked for me. And I happened to know the judge at that time, forget who he was exactly, and they let him off. Didn’t cost me nothin’. And yknow when you do shit like that it always comes around some way. Either the motherfuckers forget about ya or somewhere along the line it comes in a circle.”


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