Henry Stone On George McCrae In The 80’s: “I Told Him Go To Europe!”

george mccrae

George McCrae with a collector’s original George & Gwen “Three Hearts In A Tangle” on Alston Records – 2013 – ©Jacob Katel

“George McCrae’s life was gone when he called me sometime in the 80s. Nobody’d heard of George, didn’t care about him. Till I sent him to Europe. I made him go to Europe. I said pack your bags right now. Right now George I dont care what you do. If you need some flying money I’ll take care of it. Go to Europe, get the fuck out of this country, man!

I was that strong with him on the telephone. I says, “Europe, your record was so big.” I mean it was number one here but who gives a fuck about a number one record in this country. They’re waiting for the next one yaknow. They forget. They forget everything here. That’s one of the reasons I’m tryin to work so hard on this thing about Henry Stone and this Miami sound and how important it is cause they’ll forget about it man, if we don’t do something now, it’s gonna be gone, it’s gonna be gone man yknow. It’s here now. In another year or so it’ll be floating all over the world.

After TK went bankrupt I wasn’t as active as I was in the 70s. Sure, I had hits. I had Connie, Company B, Jamm On It, but I didn’t have as many hits cause I didn’t wanna work that hard anymore. I did my big bidness in the 70s, so let somebody else do their thing. Meanwhile, I didnt stop what I was doing, I just didn’t do so much, but now it’s important that we let the world know about this whole thing, this whole situation, how it all began.”


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