Henry Stone on Foxy’s Ish Ledesma and Carl Driggs: “It’s A Shame What Happened There”


“Foxy were always around the studio at T.K. getting on as many sessions as they could as the rhythm section.

You wanna know why all those Blowfly records were so great? It’s cause Latimore, and Little Beaver and, Timmy Thomas, and everybody from TK, guys and girls, played and backed up all those records. That’s why they’re so great. Everybody loves those tracks along with Blowfly. You listen to those tracks, man, they’re fierce.

In fact one of the guys that was on a lot of those tracks was Ish from Foxy. He was always involved with a lot of the sessions. He loved TK. He was a TK freak.

Ish played guitar, and did vocals. He’s a great writer. Great producer. How big was Foxy, man, shoooooo, God!

I found Foxy through Ish. They were a band just playing up in Ft Lauderdale. They worked on Ft Lauderdale Beach I think, just another local band kickin around. Course, a lot of those bands, if they were smart, they moved onto Henry Stone one way or another.

So Foxy came in and did some things, some early things, “Get Off Your Ass and Dance,” few little dance things. Then they started cuttin’ some nice early dance records. And of course with “Get Off” they took off.

Ish was great, man. Then later on of course he was the man behind Company B, who I had the biggest freestyle hit ever with, called “Fascinated.” But Foxy was where it started and Foxy was unstoppable.

In that group was a guy by the name of Carl Driggs. It’s a shame what happened there. Carl Driggs was one of the singers in that group. One day he had a big falling out with the group or with Ish, I dunno. One day he comes in to see me and says, “Henry, I want out.”

I said, “Wattaya talkin about.”

He said, “I’m not happy with the group. I wanna do my own thing. Take everything.”



I said, “Nah you can’t do that.” I said, “You wrote “Get Off” with Ish.” I said, “I can’t make you stay in the group, but you can’t give up your songwriting. You can’t do that.” I can’t remember if he’s even still a writer on it, but anyway Carl ended up doin his own thing, ended up working with Paul Revere and The Raiders in Vegas doin like Vegas type groups things.



Foxy was a hell of a group though. They made some decent hits. People loved them. And I sold a lot of records.”


  • From a 2013 interview with Henry Stone


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