Henry Stone on Clive Davis: “Great Ears, But He Had Nothin’ In The Street”

“All due respect, I respect guys like Clive Davis, but they had nothin’ in the street. All they had was big money behind them. I respect him, he had some great ears for Whitney Houston, and with Santana doin the thing he did with Santana, and the other girl. What was her name? Alicia Keys. That was his thing. He had some great ears for that. But he also had some great money to do what he had to do with it. Money. I mean money. I mean huge money. They would spend hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars on their sessions before a record would get released. My session cost me $15 to do “Rock Your Baby.” And it was just as big, if not a bigger hit. And that’s the difference.”


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