Henry Stone On Bob Austin from Billboard, Cashbox, and Record World Magazines: “We Go Way Back”

Henry Stone at Henry Stone Music Headquarters

Henry Stone at Henry Stone Music Headquarters, 2013 – ©Jacob Katel. All Rights Reserved.

“Bob Austin was a writer for Billboard, then the editor of Cashbox Magazine, and later the owner of Record World Magazine.

All those magazines basically had charts and everything and went out to jukebox operators and record companies.

Bob Austin and I go way back to when he was a young guy working at Billboard Magazine, and I was a young guy workin’ with Tommy Tucker and his orchestra. I remember bringing them up some ad copy. I guess it was in 1937 or so, when I was about 16 or 17 years old.


He and I became very very good friends. Eventually he became editor of Cashbox and any time I needed some bullshit for the charts or something like that I’d call him and get it done.

Then he became the owner of Record World Magazine. That was another magazine that was a trade magazine, other than Billboard. There was Billboard, Cashbox, and Record World.

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I remember one time I had a record that was number 15 on the charts and I wanted it on the top ten. I’d call Bob and then yknow, he made it happen for Henry Stone.

You build relationships, that’s part of the whole game like anything you do it’s all relationships that you build through the years.”

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