Henry Stone on Al & Dick’s Steakhouse: “All The Record People Went There”

“I used to hang out at Al & Dick’s Steakhouse in New York City. I got to the point where I was a regular. That’s where all the New York record manufacturers at 5:30 or 6 o’clock used to go after a day’s work. They’d come pouring in.

Thered’ be 20 or 30 guys from the music business there just talkin’ and havin’ dinner and drinkin’.

At that time I was spendin’ a lot of time in New York. That’s when I was suing Syd Nathan from King Records. About 1956 I guess. I was staying up there in the city because he had assets in New York and I didn’t wanna deal with Cincinnati politics and all. So I took some advice and sued him in New York, so that I could collect.


BILLBOARD Magazine excerpt

BILLBOARD Magazine excerpt


I used to come back to Miami every two weeks just to say hi, but I was staying in New York and I spent a lot of time with all the record guys up there. Alan Freed, the disc jockey I knew from Ohio was there all the time.



And I used to go to dinner a lot with Burt Bacharach. I became very tight with Burt Bacharach. You know that song “Any Day Now” that he ended up cutting with Chuck Jackson? He had a piano at his pad and he was playing me the song.

I took out about 10 one-hundred dollar bills and said, “Gee I’d sure love to publish that.”

He was already signed to a publisher so I couldn’t pick it up but that was Chuck Jackson’t big hit on Wand Records.

That’s one of my favorite Al & Dick’s stories.

It was great. You had a place to come, like a home. You go into a city like New York and you can be very lonely. Sure, you can walk around 5th ave and look at the stores but at 5 or 6 o’clock, man, you know you can have a drink with the guys. People like myself would come from out of town and we’d go to Al & Dick’s. All the promotion people were there, all the record people.”


  • From a 2013 interview with Henry Stone where I ask some questions about New York City.


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