Henry Stone on Ahmet Ertegun of Atlantic Records: “I Used To Take Him To All The Clubs In Miami”

“Of all the record label guys in the music business, there was one guy who used to love going out to all the clubs in Miami with me. Ahmet Ertegun from Atlantic Records. He used to love to go to the black clubs. Ahmet used to come to Florida quite often.

He had a friend of his that he went to school with that lived here, and uh, of course I was the Atlantic distributor so I was very close with Ahmet, along with Jerry.

Ahmet was sort of a weird cat. Not weird, but a diplomat. His father, matter fact, his father was the ambassador from Turkey to the United States. Ahmet loved the r&b music. He was like a big socialite along with it too. So when he used to come to Miami I used to have to take him to all the clubs. Used to hang out till 2, 3, 4 oclock in the morning in the clubs. At the Harlem Square, the Sir John Knight Beat, the Cafe Society, in Overtown, The Palms in Hallandale, he was really into it, man. Just sit and groove on the music, and that’s what he did, same as me.

Bout once or twice a year, at least once a year. He liked the Harlem Square. I remember seeing a couple shows with him there cause he always wanted to see Wynonie Harris and Bullmoose Jackson. The Harlem Square was a typical nightclub, tables, and dancing and whatever. Stu Goldman ran it, his father owned it really. Actually Stu got his legs blown off by a bomb under the car years later. But Ahmet always had a good time there and he really loved the music.”


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