Henry Stone in BILLBOARD Magazine 1954

henry stone billboard 1954

Clip from a 1954 issue of Billboard Magazine discussing Henry Stone’s newest signing

One of the biggest genius maneuvers of Henry Stone was always keeping his name hot in the media. All the way back to when he first moved to Miami in 1948, magazines like BILLBOARD and Cashbox (the jukebox trade mag), would always check in with him in Florida to see what he was doing as a distributor and as a manufacturer.

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BILLBOARD wrote about Stone early and often and in the clip above, they discuss his signing of a group named the Three Harmonicaires to the DeLuxe record label he held a 50% share of as split with Syd Nathan of KING. In the short clip, he also highlights a pre-platinum Otis Williams and The Charms, with whom he would have a million selling crossover record called “Hearts Of Stone.”


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