Henry Stone Flew America’s Top Radio DJ’s To Miami For The Superbowl in 1979

Henry Stone in 2013 with Superbowl 1979 Ticket

Henry Stone in 2013 with Superbowl 1979 Ticket – Jake Katel

“I remember The Super Bowl when I brought all the jockeys down…Superbowl XIII, on Sunday, January 21, 1979 at the Orange Bowl in Miami.

I brought down my favorite 20 jockeys from around the country. I invited them and a guest to come, had hotel rooms for them at the Deauville, and that’s when Butterball was cookin up in the lobby. He had a bbq going.

The hotel said “What the hells goin on here?!”

This was the 1970s. It was still a lot of white bullshit yaknow but, me, I cracked the whole goddamn…like “Fuck You, man, yknow, this is, these are my people.”

I hired a bus to take em all to the superbowl.

My top record promoter Fred Rector didn’t go cause he got busted and I had to take him outta jail. Just some bullshit yknow, not bad, it was in and out yknow like that. It was drugs maybe, some marijuana or somethin’.

So that was the Superbowl that Henry Stone didn’t attend, but the twenty number one DJs in America did.

Hey, I believe in making a buck and spending a buck and making a buck. You gotta spend a buck to make a buck. You can’t have it all.”



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