Henry Stone Explains How Cocaine and The Music Business Are The Same

“Some records never sell and if you keep em in the warehouse all they do is take up space and get in the way. We used to have em’ melted down and turned into new records. But first we had to knock out the label in the center. Pressing plants would have the machines to punch the center out of the vinyl. We’d take all the stiffs, all the bullshit records that refused to make money, send em’ back to the pressing plant, and they’d have this big hydraulic press with a guy sittin’ there passing them through one at a time, puttin’ the record in, and knockin’ the label out. Then they’d take the rest of the vinyl and throw it in a big hopper and grind it up and remelt that vinyl. But they had to mix it with um, with like a certain amount of pure, virgin vinyl. You couldn’t do all recycled. It’s like the cocaine business. You have to add cut. Records and cocaine. Very similar. It has to be stepped on a little bit to be good or else it could kill ya.”


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