Henry Stone Does it Again! Over 20,000 Views on Bounce That Booty!

38 Years Ago
Henry Stone made history when he released
“Shake Your Booty” by KC and the Sunshine Band


Henry Stone does it again with
“Booty Shakin’ Time” by Jake the Dog!

“Bounce That Booty” hits 20,000 views on Youtube!

The story of the booty from Henry Stone: 38 years ago, I was sitting in the office with KC and the Sunshine Band and had to pick up a third album after two #1 worldwide hits. We were talking about “Shake Your Booty” and everyone thought it was too dirty. But I told them we were going with it. Three weeks later, it was another #1 hit. Now, 38 years later, we are still shaking our booty with the new EP by Jake the Dog called “Booty Shakin’ Time”. The first single “Bounce That Booty” has reached over 20,000 views on Youtube in just a week!

EP CD Available Now


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