Henry Stone and Kayvette Records in Cashbox Magazine (1976)



KAYVETTE RECORDS ARTISTS: Jackie Moore . Facts of Life PRINCIPALS: Brad Shapiro . Katharine Shapiro. Yvette Shapiro.
Ask Brad Shapiro the reason why he formed his own label after years of successful independent producing a field he is still heavily involved in and the answer comes out direct and sharp. “In independent production the producer gets killed on anything short of half a million records. The producer doesn’t make any money. The reserves, the low royalty in the first place, the recording costs coming off the top — the producer winds up with nothing unless you’ve got a giant giant record. Whereas if you have your own label, you’re in business. You can sell that same half million or even less and make tremendous profits like the major record companies do.” End of reason. Now question Shapiro on why he took his Kayvette logo (named for his wife and daughter) under the T.K. Productions banner the answer is equally positive. “Henry Stone is the best record man in the whole United States for the type of records I make.” Shapiro sees Kayvette as remaining mainly a soul label. In existence barely a year Shapiro is currently concentrating on Jackie Moore and the Facts of Life Group. Although he sees Kayvette eventually holding around four of five acts. At present he has a new Jackie Moore single, “It’s Harder To Leave,” a Clarence Reid song in mastering stages and is excited about Facts of Life’s single “Caught In The Act of Gettin It On” which is produced by Millie Jackson Shapiro serving as executive producer. Shapiro’s associations with Stone span a decade when he and T.K.’s Steve Alaimo had Steve Alaimo and the Red Coats a group much in demand for Dick Clark tours as a back up band Stone himself was then a record distributor. Shapiro went into indie production forming his label as he says, “out of desperation.” How seriously or desperate Shapiro is is probably open to interpretation since at present his indie producing chores include Millie Jackson (Spring), Kokomo (CBS), Creative Source (Polydor), Wilson Pickett (Wicked), Andy Frazer (CBS) as well as moving between Miami’s Criteria Studios to Muscle Shoals, “Criteria for sweetening and Muscle Shoals for rhythm,” he says.

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