#FromTheArchives: TK Records Billboard Awards Ad from 1974

A TK Records ad in Billboard magazine from 1974 extolling all of the awards for George McCrae (and a few others) that year. Look at all those awards!

Top Soul Singles New Artists: George McCrae, Latimore, K.C. Sunshine Junkanoo Band (the old name!)
Top Pop Singles Male Vocalists: George McCrae
Top Pop Albums New Artists: George McCrae
Top Pop Singles Artists: George McCrae
Honor Roll of New Album Artists: George McCrae “Rock Your Baby”
Top Soul Singles: “Rock Your Baby” George McCrae
Top Pop Singles: “Rock Your Baby” George McCrae
Top Pop Producers: H. W. Casey & R. Finch
Top Pop Publishers: Sherlyn
Top Soul Publishers: Sherlyn

80 Billboard awards George McCrae Rock Your Baby 1974


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