Florida Funk in The New York Times: Henry Stone and T.K. Records (1976)

Henry Stone in the New York Times? You’re damn right. Not only was Stone born in The Bronx, he came up in Brooklyn, and worked all over Manhattan as a kid. In his mind, and in his heart, he was a New Yorker all his life. But by leaving his hometown, he made himself a global citizen. The record corporation he founded, T.K. Productions, developed international reach, and Stone’s acts dominated the Billboard Pop charts. 1976, was a big year for the combine. By this time, T.K. Productions was continuously selling records by the tens of millions, and the company’s Hialeah headquarters was the land of legend. Check out this great article to learn more, although there is one factual error in the piece. Can you find it? Leave your answer in the comments section, and click the PDF below to see the article in full resolution.

ARTICLE BY – Steve Ditlea
SUMMARY – “It would be hard to imagine a more unlikely location for a major recording center than Hialeah, Florida. Nestled between Miami and The Everglades, a racetrack its best known cultural attraction, this sleepy tropical town of 100,000 is far removed from the New York-Los Angeles-Nashville axis around which the music business revolves. Despite its location, or perhaps because of it, Hialeah has given birth to an extremely popular elemental rhythm-and-blues sound which is at odds with the slick string-laden soul music produced elsewhere. In the past 18 months the Miami Sound, as it is known, clattering, boisterous, hot-blooded, has become a fixture in discos around the country and at the top of the national pop charts…The current trend may be toward black-owned r&b labels, but Henry Stone, who is white and in his late 50’s, has never lost touch with the pulse of the streets.”
CATEGORY – Newspaper Article
PUBLICATION – The New York Times
DATE OF PUBLICATION – Sunday, March 7, 1976

NY Times: Florida Funk (Click for Full Size PDF)

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