DJ Khaled Interpolates “Lovers and Friends” by Michael Sterling


Ron Louis Smith Jr., Willie Clarke, Joe Stone, Michael Sterling, and Mohamed Moretta outside the Miami Beach premiere of Record Man, the film about the life and work of Henry Stone – ©Jake Katel

DJ Khaled better get ready to make a whole bunch of plaques.

Michael Sterling’s “Lovers and Friends” is about to go quadruple platinum again. Wait, don’t play yourself. It could go diamond diamond, that’s a hundred million.

The original composition’s first master recording is on Michael Sterling’s New Records album Trouble from 1990.

Then Lil Jon and The Eastside Boyz featuring Usher and Ludacris re-introduced it in 2004 as a single from the album “Crunk Juice.”

Now the song is back in the charts with DJ Khaled’s reworking of it in his #1 smash “Do You Mind” featuring Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Jeremih, Future, and Rick Ross on his ninth album, Major Key.

According to a BMI search, there are twelve songwriters and three publishers on the song. That’s a lot of ways to split a pie. But if the pie is made of a billion streams, everybody could eat well. Very well.

Michael Sterling was once a Henry Stone protege. In a 2013 interview Henry recalled, “Michael Sterling was a talented singer, except his problem was he sounded too much like Michael Jackson. Good lookin guy, good performer, but he deserted me…I was workin’ on him, tryina build him, and I don’t know he just, whatever…I don’t know why he didn’t gel. Just one of those guys that didn’t gel. But he could’ve though. He ended up makin’ a lot of money too a couple years ago. Somebody sampled one of his songs, a rapper. He coulda been something. He had that talent: Producer, writer, singer. Only problem was a he sounded a little too much like Michael Jackson. If he stuck with me, he coulda been huge.”



Michael Sterling, independent music icon of Miami outside the Henry Stone movie’s world premiere at O Cinema Miami Beach March 12, 2015 – ©Jake Katel

The best thing about a hit record is it never loses its power to move the masses. So for that, HenryStoneMusic salutes Michael Sterling for making a hit, that made a hit, that made a hit. Great job. DJ Khaled could not have done this without you.

Long live the music business!

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