DJ Khaled at 99Jamz Uncensored: “They Was Like, ‘Khaled You Crazy’…I Know About Haters”


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DJ Khaled is a motivational speaker full of positive energy.

He proved it last night at the first edition of 99Jamz Uncensored with a dope interview by Dem Boyz DJ’s Nasty and Nailz, and help from Supa Cindy, Felisha Monet, DJ Entice, Tony Neal, Jill Strada, and the whole 99 Jamz family. Shout out to Program Director Jill Strada for the invite and hospitality.

Khaled dropped mad gems on life, work, and the music business, and also showcased his We The Best artists Steph Lecor and Kent Jones, as well as hits from his own catalog. Check it out.


“When I started out in radio in Miami I used to do, yall call it pirate radio, I call it “Give thanks to this antenna the whole world can hear me.”


“After that, Luke called me, shout out Uncle Luke. Icon. He said, “Khaled Im gonna start a show at 99 Jamz on Friday night. I want you to be cohost and DJ.”


“Cedric Hollywood was the program director at the the time, which I knew him from back in the day so he knew I was the DJ comin up.”


“Luke saw the vision to make me his cohost and DJ. the show was so hot, the first day was bananas. I’ll never forget it.  Walk in in the studio, there was 100 people in the studio, 100 people outside, people on the highway tryin get into the station and it was bad, uncensored but censored, and the show was so hot they had to get rid of the show cause Luke was an icon.”


“I was high risk as in when the show got done I was like, “Can I still work here?” They was like, “Khaled you’re crazy!” And I told them, “Very crazy.”


“But I found out a way to do it and got my own Friday night show, which was #1. and I end up doin the Traffic Jam at  5 o’clock, shout out DJ Entice. When I was on 5 o’clock I was in a zone. Like on some other level.”


“Then I convinced em to let me do the night show and look how far from there to now. Another one, hahahaha.”


“You know I named the Shutdown Mix? I named it that. It’s called facts.”


DJ Nasty: Is it true you used to take your shirt off to mix in the studio?

DJ Khaled: Absolutely I used to take my shirt off in the mix

Supa Cindy: Yall wanna see him take his shirt off now? (Crowd cheers)

DJ Khaled: Yo Nasty. I’m a sex symbol

“Listen. When i was on the turntables on 99Jamz in the mix, I used to say this live on the radio, I don’t know if you all remember. I used to say, “Yo Marlin, lock the doors. Throw the chains on the doors. Don’t let the Program Director in. I’m going in.  And I would take my shirt off and I would go bad. I would just be in a zone. You would have to tell me commercials was coming and I would be like, “I don’t wanna go to commercials.” But I knew I had to follow regulations.

I love music y’know I get deep into it.”


“It’s not that they didn’t want me on Jamz. I had to work hard to accomplish my dream and goal. The PD even though I knew him and he seen me grow, and we keep it real right, I was told that I would never have a night show ever in my life. In my face. I couldnt believe it. From that day I promised that I would prove everyone wrong. Not only did I get night show. It was the #1 night show.”


“Can we talk business real quick? It’s called numbers. Everyone wanted to advertise on the night show. It’s called ratings. It’s called shout out sales team. It’s called commissions. It’s called “Hey Khaled would you like some water before you go on the air?”


“And I’m humble when I say this but what I’m trying to show you is, don’t get distracted if somebody tells you no, or the situation doesn’t happen at that moment. Because there will be a time when you will succeed.”


“All you have to do is work hard and believe in your self and I promise you the powers that be is gonna support you.”


“I rememeber Nasty before he was on the radio. He was in Tallahassee. I rememebr DJ Nailz when he was in Daytona Beach callin me every day like “Ey Khaled what do I gotta do?”


“Another one. And now they got the number one show on the number one station in Miami.”


Felisha Monet:  Ok now we’re gonna take a question from a sexy lady in the audience. What’s your name?

Girl in crowd: Marshmallow.

Felisha Monet: Ok Marshmallow, what do you want to ask Khaled?

Marshmallow: Are you gonna take your shirt off tonight?

DJ Khaled: Maybe in the performance I might do that. Make sure you have the camera phone ready


“I’m a DJ, producer, A&R, executive, boss, manager, God’s son, God is the greatest, We The Best.”


“I’m a young mogul representing Miami-Dade County. Just know.”




“Give thanks to The Almighty. All praises to GOD. GOD is the greatest, my brother. And if you wanna be the best, you gotta go hard, cause if you don’t it ain’t gon happen. People make excuses. When people say they can’t do this or can’t be that or people be hatin’ or whatever…That’s life. They makin excuses. Stop making excuses. Get money. Take care of your family. Do what you gotta do. Win more.”


“By the way have you been to Fingalicking? Im just bein honest.”


Question From The Audience: “How do you feel as an Arab DJ’ing the black community. People gon hate on you. You feel me? When you first got in the game, how did you keep your head straight to continue to DJ?”


“First of all knowmsayin my family is Palestinian. I am Arabic. I was born in United States. In my eyes, as a young man, I been raised in Miami Dade County. When I came to Miami I think I was like maybe 18. Maybe 17. I think 18. I was under a lot of pressure cause at that time my money wasn’t right. I used to sleep on my records. Hotel to hotel. DJ all the clubs for a hotel for the night. I had girlfriend I used to stay at her crib, get kicked out, be on my grind, and to answer your question, when you’re successful and climbing the ladder you gon’ deal with haters. And that’s any career. But always remember, there’s more love than hate.”



“Some peoepl with success can’t handle it, cause it can get real out there. I can. I can handle it. I understand it.”



“If you think you can be successful and not deal with hate, you’re crazy. And when it comes, just tell em’ to go that way.”



“Positive vibes, and positive energy. And if negative energy come my way, I’m out. Or somebody’s gonnna tell you to exit for me.”


“I know about haters. They don’t know me. Obviously.”



“Radio. I’ma be real with you. I’m tellin’ secrets now. The reason I make hit records is because I come from radio. Because I always know what good music is for you to listen to. When yall call up and request certain records I know what y’all like.”


“From working in the nightclubs, I know what y’all like. And I get a chance to hear new talent because at radio, we hear all type of music. We see artists that start from right here that become the biggest artist in the world that we might not even be able to get to right now, they’re so big.”

99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_245 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_255 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_251 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_248 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_247

“I feel like radio educated me in the music business, but also my skills in the studio . So I always big up radio and 99Jamz everywhere I go cause it’s true. It’s part of my life. You can’t say DJ Khaled without saying 99Jamz.”

99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_256 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_257

“In my days, and I’m a young icon, in my days we didn’t have Instagram. We didn’t have twitter. We aint have Uncensored.”


“We ain’t have the internet to barely do this interview and it’s live on the internet. So new artists, there’s no excuse for you not to be hot unless you aint hot.”


“And if you ain’t working hard enough, you’re in the way of people who want to get known.”


“When I was comin up I had to get Carol City hot. I had to get Little Haiti to love me. I had to get Miramar. I had to get New York, I had to get DC and all that was off word of mouth. So if I was DJing at Rockers Island, and holding it down, and somebody say “Who’s that kid?” That’s DJ Khaled.”

99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_278 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_289

“If I was at Bermudas, or Club Crave and if you know DJ Khaled. The history. Then you know what I did at Club Crave every Saturday Night . I  tore that place apart.”

99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_304 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_309 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_313

“And when they left that club they said “Who’s that?” That’s DJ Khaled. What I say is I had to get people to recognize me off word of mouth. Yall got internet twitter instagram blogcast broadcast. Another one.”

99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_314 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_321 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_324

“So if an artist complain, stop complaining. Go to work. Make some good music. Make some good music. Pass out some fliers, man. I passed out all my fliers myself and I still do. So don’t come around me and tell me you work. You wanna impress me? Work. Get hot. Have this whole building screaming your name.”

99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_329 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_330 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_333

“A lot of these artists are talk. They make excuses. This DJ Khaled man. I have been nominated for a Grammy. And I have won best collab for “I’m So Hood.” My problem is, I gave em “All I Do Is Win.” I gave em “We Takin Over.” I gave em “Hold You Down.” “Holla At Me Baby.” I gave you “Go Hard” featuring Jay Z. I give you “Gold Slugs,” “You Mine.” Should I keep goin? I gave you “How Many Times.” And all went gold or platinum.


“My problem about the industry is, is it me or do I put out the hottest records year round?”

99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_358 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_361 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_371 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_372

“You tryin tell me I dont deserve Another One? That’s all I’m sayin. There’s a difference of thinking and knowing.”

99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_379 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_387 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_393

“The industry dont ask yall what’s hot. That’s the problem. It’s the industry that votes. Is it me but in the industry you’re competing correct? It’s a competitive sport.”

99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_395 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_402 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_406 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_408 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_411

“My thing is it’s supposed to be the people that make the decision the same way they make 99Jamz the number one station in the country.”

99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_408 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_411 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_413 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_415

“Thankfully I have brothers like Fat Joe, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross, and all these great people that love me and shout me out. I thank them.”

99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_433 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_435

“Cool N Dre in the house, we still a movement. Shout to Pitbull, Trina, Trick Daddy, Flo Rida, so many….”

99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_444 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_445 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_450 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_453 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_460 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_473

“My struggle was gettin in the game.”

99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_468 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_488 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_491 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_492 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_498 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_501

99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_506 99jamzuncensored_djkhaled_nov2015_507

“When Rick Ross came out with “Every Day I’m Hustling,” I played it for an hour straight on Friday night. I got suspended for it. I came back on the air and played it for two hours straight and got suspended again. They almost fired me. I wasn’t following directions and I’m not sayin that’s what you should do, but I believed in that record and thought it was so important for the city. The same way I played Trick Daddy records. I think it was Super Bowl and Trick had been putting out fire records. And all these out of towners came into town. And all the Miami DJs, every DJ would play his records, and the world loved it. And thats what we did. We supported each other, and had good relationships.”


“I am gonna write a book. It’s called. “They Told Me No. I Told Them Yes”

“We at Revolution Live swagged out. I got my Jordans on. I got my Mystery Drink from Fingalicking. Miami Gardens location.”


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