Deep City Documentary Behind The Scenes

deep city bts

Chad Tingle, Dennis Scholl, Art Nobo, Henry Stone, and Marlon Johnson – ©Jake Katel

Did everybody get a chance to see the WLRN documentary on Deep City Records? Henry Stone was of course the force that came in after the label folded and took much of its talent to the heights of stardom. Willie Clarke, Betty Wright, Clarence Reid, and Little Beaver all came over to Stone’s operation and made the biggest moves of their careers. Anyway it’s a great movie about the first black owned label in the state of Florida and the adversity they overcame to become a major force in pioneering r&b soul music from the south. And of course, Henry Stone is a prominently featured character. Here’s a behind the scenes shot with the makers of the movie on the day they interviewed Henry at his Grove Isle headquarters in 2013.


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