Clarence Reid aka Blowfly’s Funeral (32 Photos)


R.I.P Clarence “Blowfly” Reid

Clarence Reid will never die. He proved it at his own funeral with an overwhelming presence in the hearts and minds of those he loved, and those who loved him.

Blowfly aka Clarence Reid was laid to rest at the historic Range Funeral Home in Miami’s Liberty City on January 30, 2016. Many great musical figures were in attendance including Betty Wright, Steve Alaimo, Benny Latimore, Treetop, Timmy Thomas, and more.

Clarence was responsible for many great T.K. Productions hit records. The spirit of Henry Stone and the Miami Sound lives on forever and so does Clarence Reid. Here are some photos from the funeral.


All photos by ©Jacob Katel. All Rights Reserved

Vernon Hawthorne Clark and preachers outside the historic Range Funeral Home, founded by Miami pioneer M. Athalie Range.


Benny Latimore and Treetop


Overtown music legend, guitar player, DJ, and one-man-band Treetop alongside Beny Latimore (“Let’s Straighten It Out”), and Vernon Hawthorne Clarke, President of the Bahamian American Newsletter.


The Range Cadillac pulls up


The beautiful Miami streets that Clarence used to love to walk across.


Clarence’s sister Virginia Lawrence and family.

Some of Clarence Reid’s family.


The funeral was an emotional event filled with tears, music, laughter, music, shouting, singing, and even some dancing.

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So many people came to the funeral they actually had to turn people away at the door,


Betty Wright sang an emotional, heartfelt, and beautiful tribute to Clarence, who she knew for 51 years.

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Timmy Thomas played a wonderful version of “Why Can’t We Live Together.”


Tom Bowker and the Blowfly band played some hits and got everybody involved in some call-and-response.


It was a beautiful Saturday in Liberty City


Plenty of Blowfly fans, supporters, and musical collaborators from throughout the years were in attendance.


Many friends and family too.

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clarencereidfuneral_jan30_2016__0125 clarencereidfuneral_jan30_2016__0123

April RaQuel and Willie Clarke

April RaQuel and Willie Clarke outside Range Funeral Home in Liberty


One thing is certain. Clarence Reid aka Blowfly will never be forgotten and his music will live on through its recordings and influence for centuries.


In loving memory of Clarence Reid.




Article and photos ©Jacob Katel


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