Bob Marley “Blowing Weed All Over The Diplomat Hotel,” Says Bob Perry

©Bob Perry took this photo of his wife Sophia with Bob Marley, Skills Cole, and friends at their house in Miami Lakes. ©Jacob Katel photographed the photo in this photo so that you can enjoy the photo of the photo in this photo of a photo.

“Bluenote Bob” Perry used to work in an office above Jerry Wexler and Tom Dowd at the Atlantic South headquarters at Criteria Recording Studios in North Miami, so he’s witnessed music history (like watching Clapton record “Layla,” and Aretha Franklin play the piano) more than once.

But to this day one of his favorite memories is having Bob Marley and Skills Cole over to his house for a small party during a promotional run for the Uprising album, and playing records together until six in the morning.

He also recalls watching Bob Marley perform at The Diplomat Hotel in Miami Beach for a NARM convention in the early 1970’s where all the record people who weren’t cool freaked out when he blew through a pound of weed on stage there.

Bob Perry even has a special burlap bound edition of Rastaman Vibration direct from Island Records’ Chris Blackwell, who Bob Perry worked as an independent record promoter for on the project.

Bob Perry made a ton of history in the music business, and he started out in the late 60’s at Tone Distributors with Henry Stone in Hialeah.


Photos, video, and article ©Jacob Katel. All Rights Reserved.

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