Before T.K. Disco, Miami Record Labels Led & Distributed By Henry Stone Ruled Florida

“My very first distribution company in Florida was Seminole Record Distributors. That’s when I had my own warehouse on Flagler Street. I remember borrowing some money for a down payment.

It wasn’t that big of a warehouse. But it wasn’t too small. Bout 1000 square feet. First warehouse on Flagler Street. And in the back I had my piano there and drums and maybe an Ampex recording machine that I recorded Ray Charles and some of the gospel stuff on.

After that I closed it down and went to go work with King Records for a short time with my DeLuxe label. Then when I left Deluxe in 1956 I opened up a warehouse on SW 8th St and 12th Avenue. They just took the building down.

I know there was a little liquor store on the corner, and about three doors down the block I had my little warehouse, and in the back of that one I recorded my Chart Records in 1956 or 57.

From there I moved to 47 st and NW 2nd Ave.

It was a bigger warehouse cause I started to get more lines of more records yaknow.

From there I hadda get a bigger place cause I had records comin’ off the rafters yaknow. And that’s when I built my big warehouse in Hialeah, bout 18,000 square feet. And actually I remember my first big shipping table, yknow like a real big shipping table. Actually the guy that built it for me was DJ Bob Green’s father, he was a carpenter.”


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