A Titan of The Music Industry Laments Its Glory Days, Gone For Good

HenryStoneToSpeakAtRockNRollHallOfFame“Today, guy makes a little thing, little song, puts it on youtube and thinks it’s the end of it. That’s the end. Cha cha cha. There’s no believers anymore out there in the music. That’s one of the big problems out there. I think. I know. I can tell. Cause nobody cares. You put out a song and nobody cares.

The big startup today is go in the bedroom with a little 808 and make a record. They got no place to go take it. It’s happening all over the world. Even Japan which used to have a lot of record stores, they still have Tower and one other company in Japan, but they used to have a lot of stores in Japan, like here. We had thousands of stores. Specs had 80 stores alone here in Florida. It’s all gone man. I don’t care what anybody says, man. It’s gone. Yaknow. I mean I can show you we get royalties from way back or whatever. 4 cents. 16 cents. I’m tellin ya. It’s ridiculous.

The music business has sure changed, man, it sure has.”


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