Fontainebleau Goons Wouldn’t Let Frank Sinatra’s Label President Backstage

frank sinatra in miami

Frank Sinatra and his entourage – photo via

“I was the big Sinatra distributor in Florida. Frank used to work the Fountainbleau all the time, and I used to bring the disc jockeys over three or four at a time to see Sinatra. Helped with the airplay. Well, back then in the Fontainebleau you had to go to the men’s room downstairs and it was near the backstage, so this one time I came out of the men’s room and I heard a big noise goin’ on. I walked over and asked around and some goon told me, “Well this guy wants to go see Sinatra and we won’t let him in.”

So I look closely and it was Mo Ostin, president of Reprise Records, Sinatra’s record company. The goons wouldn’t let him pass.

I said, “Wait a minute guys,” and see they all knew me cause I used to be there all the time, so I said “Ey, hold up guys, this guy is the president of Sinatra’s record company.”

The goon’s said, “We were told not to let anybody in.”

And I sez, “Let him in.”

So I took Mo backstage to Sinatra and said, “They tried to keep him out, man.” Hahaha. It was just one of those incidents that happened.”


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  1. No.7 says:

    This man still never ceases to amaze me. His stories ate better than going to the movies

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