The Original TK Records Studio Was “A Little Old Funky Room, with Burlap On The Walls,” Says Mike Lewis

mike lewis horns

Mike Lewis on tenor sax (left) with TK horn players Whit Sidener, Vinnie Tanno, and Duke Schuster in the 1970s. (©Mike Lewis)

“I had a Mercedes I used to drive up to 495 SE 10th Ct. And when it rained it flooded. You had to take your shoes off to get in your car. Really. It was like a swale there, and if you parked on that swale, the rain would fill, that water would come up almost to the rocker panels, and you had to take your shoes off to get in the car.

I think they had a flood in the studio one time. I think the actual studio floor, cause the studio was on the ground level.

Originally it was back up in the warehouse upstairs in the back. A little old funky room that Steve and probably PeeWee built themselves just by nailing burlap on the walls.

And they had an 8 track machine in there and a control room with a window, but even by 1971 standards it was small and fairly primitive.

Of course none of that matters if the music is good. I have made records in studios that looked like the inside of spaceships, that they couldn’t give away; and I have made records in these funky little places that you’re afraid to touch anything yknow and they sound great and they became hits.”

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