Jun 282013

Pre-Release Preview!
Full CD coming soon!

Booty Shakin’ Time
by Jake the Dog

Just finished this track today. Full CD coming soon!

38 years ago, I was sitting in the office with KC and the Sunshine Band and had to pick up a third album after two #1 worldwide hits. We were talking about “Shake Your Booty” and everyone thought it was too dirty. But I told them we were going with it. Three weeks later, it was another #1 hit.

Now, 38 years later, we are still shaking our booty with “Booty Shakin’ Time”!

Booty Shakin Time by Jake the Dog
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Booty Shakin Time Single CD Print

Mar 312011

Gwen McCrae - Please Don't Go - 2010 Version
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For over three decades, Gwen McCrae has won worldwide acclaim for her sensuous, classy brand of modern Soul music. Gwen was an important figure in TK’s growth as a center of R&B music in the 70s. In 1975, at TK Records, she became an international star with the chart-topping, million-selling success of the Grammy-nominated “Rockin’ Chair.” Now, here is a 21st Century rendition of the meg-hit “Please Don’t Go”. You can hear the power and sensuality in her voice more than ever. Available on the Gwen McCrae Sings TK CD.