May 102016


Sexy, sultry, singing ladies with legs as long as US-1. These are the things dreams are made of.

The beautiful songbirds of Kayvette Records, Brandye were a three woman group who recorded at least one single for T.K. Disco (“Rhythm of Love,” b/w “Curiosity”), and an album called Crossover To Brandye for the aforementioned label.

Their real names are Cynthia Douglas, Donna Davis and Pamela Vincent.

According to Discogs, “Brandye were best known as backing vocalists for Millie Jackson (“A Moment’s Pleasure”), James Brown (“Too Funky In Here”) and Dennis Coffey (“Our Love Goes On”). And they often worked on Brad Shapiro productions.”

Their beautiful voices, smooth harmonics, and Caribbean inflected guitars over cruise ship style string arrangements complement the story song telling of woeful tales of love and heartache. Replete with funky horns, and heavy bass breakdowns, Brandye are characteristic high stylists of the Miami Sound developed by Henry Stone.


Apr 222016

R.I.P to the artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.

This is what it sounds like when doves cry, my friend.

He was the Purple Alpha, the Minneapolis Omega, and a son of funk in the same league as James Brown and Little Richard.

Here’s what HenryStoneMusic’s own Joe Stone remembers of the Prince legacy, including a play by play recap from his famous Orange Bowl concert on Easter Sunday in Miami 1985.


“Yknow, I remember leaving the TK Offices, the T.K. building on like a Tuesday afternoon, driving on LeJeune Road past the Miami Airport when the Playboy Club was still over there and for the first time hearing “When Doves Cry” come on the radio. And I was kinda like who the fuck is that? Cause it was so groundbreaking. It was. And it had these different arrangements and the guy was so versatile.”

“Not long before that he had a smash hit with “Little Red Corvette,” and I loved the extended version of that song, and that cool soulful vocal breakdown in the middle. And before that he had “I Wanna Be Your Lover,” and it was completely different. This guy was so incredibly different. A real musical chameleon.

He was really quite an innovator and I think he was misunderstood and probably had some social awkwardness with everyday life and reality because of the depth of his musical intelligence.”

Prince at Glam Slam on South Beach

Prince at Glam Slam on South Beach

“And I think we’ll discover more about Prince over the next 20 years than we know today because he was musically very far ahead of his time.

And he was quite the philanthropist at the same time. He did a lot of things without telling people. Without telling everyone, “Hey I did this.” He quietly did a lot of good for a lot of people.

He was also one of the first to have complete creative control over his work with Warner Brothers. I can’t remember his first manager’s name, but his deal with WB was that he had complete creative control of the process.”

Live from the Orange Bowl

Live from the Orange Bowl

“I saw him play live a couple times. I saw him at the Orange Bowl. Must have been 1985. It was a fuckin killer show at the Orange Bowl. He was on tour I’m pretty sure. The Purple Rain tour.

I remember he was running across the stage and he kinda tripped on one of the steps and fell down a little and then disappeared like he was embarrassed until the people started screaming and chanting and he came back out with a little sad face.

I can see it now.

He’s running and went to hit a step and missed it and went shboom! I was like oh shit, I hope he’s alright.

Shit looked like it musta hurt.”


“He was amazing.

He definitely influenced fashion in a lot of ways. And he had this interesting way of introducing new artists and music to us.

He would present them like, these guys have been around. Like Morris Day and The Time. And the broad that was in the movie…..Voluptuous? It was interesting how he introduced artists he was involved in creating and producing. It was like a seamless way that they already existed and we should know them.

I loved Prince. He could get some real poppy stuff going, but he kept it soulful and funky and that’s what I love.

Soul, and funk, r&b. I feel that. And he was always able to keep that going. Even the more rock n rolly stuff.

He shall be missed. He was an amazing musician and amazing artist.”



Apr 082016


A million record sales is no easy feat. And for the independent record labels of the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and even 1990’s, it would have been damn near impossible to make hit records without the help of independent distributors.

According to Henry Stone, there were around 30 or 40 some odd distributors around the country during any given decade of the golden age of the record business. Stone’s home turf was Florida, though he also sold records in other markets like New York City, Philly, Detroit, Chicago, and even Indianapolis.

One small example of Stone’s prowess is this gold plaque he received from Dial Records for distribution of the Joe Tex classic “Skinny Legs And All.” Henry Stone and his Tone Distribution company helped the record achieve over 1,000,000 in sales.

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Feb 292016


South Florida has been a hotbed of musical talent since the first time thunder boomed over the wetlands and made all the pretty birds shake their tail feathers.

Today, nature’s course has given way to the instrumental prowess of the Lemon City Rhythm Section, the featured talent on Instrumental Magic vol. 2, currently being mixed and mastered for a new album on the HenryStoneMusic label.

In the coming days we will introduce you to the players, the songs, and the crucial vernacular of instrumental soul, funk, r&b, jazz, and the other classic American styles the group employs in its universal message of peace, love, blues, and dance.

With Shaka Pace on the bass, Jerald Dorsett on keys, Jeff Zavac on sax, Aaron Fishbein on guitar, and King David Hill on drums, the group is a musical force to be reckoned with. They can be found gigging throughout Miami on a regular basis and are open for bookings.

Contact joe at for more information on rates and dates and look out for the Lemon City Rhythm Section on a disc, download, and streaming service near you soon! Stay tuned…

Oct 032013

Gwen McCrae – Let’s Straighten It Out

Gwen McCrae Lets Straighten It Out CD Insert


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1. Early Morning Love
2. Starting All Over Again
3. Tonight’s the Night
4. Signed, Sealed, Delivered
5. Let’s Straighten It Out
6. Love Insurance
7. Cradle of Love
8. At Bedtime

Featuring The Sexy Soulful Gwen McCrae
Straighten It Out with true Miami Soul
Get your groove on tonight!

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Oct 032013

Lew Kirton – Just Arrived

Lew Kirton CD Insert


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1. Island Girl
2. Why Should I Get Jealous
3. Love I Don’t Want Your Love
4. NYC
5. Something Special
6. Time to Get With It
7. Love Secret Agent
8. Let Me Up Off My Knees

Smooth Soul Singer Lew Kirton has been around; touring with Sam & Dave, fronting the vocal group The Invitations, and signing with Henry Stone in the 70s. The fully remastered album Just Arrived for the first ever CD release in the U.S.A.!

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