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Aug 072013

Ray Charles in 1968. Photo by Eric Koch via Wikimedia Commons

Henry Stone: My first studio here in Miami was back in 1948 or ’49 on Flagler street, first little funky studio. Actually it was the warehouse for my first distributing company where I had a piano and a tape machine in the back

Who’d you record there?

Henry Stone: A guy by the name of Ray Charles. I heard abut Ray when I was in Jacksonville, FL. He was at the school for the blind in St Augustine. I heard about him, and that he was very, very good. I guess he left and went to California, but in about 1949 he came down to Miami to do a gig. I met him at the Mary Elizabeth Hotel in Overtown. I hadda go see Sam Cooke, who was a very good friend of mine because I’d been distributing his records, and Sam introduced me to Ray at the bar.

I said “Hey, I heard about you up in Jacksonville, man. I heard you’re pretty cool.”

He said “Great, I wanna cut some sides. I need some bread.”

I says “Come on over. I got a studio in the back of my distribution place on Flagler Street.”

So he came over to the studio in the back of my warehouse and we cut 4 sides. When Ray came in he started singing just like Nat King Cole.

I said, “Hey, Ray I want you to sing some blues man, cause I’m more into the blues,” I said, “I know you can do a blues song, man.”

So we did “St. Pete Florida Blues,” a song called “Walkin And Talkin,” and a couple other things. I gave him $200 and, I feel I can say this now that the movie about him came out, he took the money and immediately bought some heroin.

I put the sides out on my Rockin’ label, and I leased a couple tracks to my buddy Bob Shad for his Sittin’ In With label, and yaknow, they did alright, nothin’ special. You gotta remember, at that time he was just another musician. He wasn’t yet the Ray Charles like you know him today.

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After that, I had this relationship with him through the years yaknow as his distributor. I broke all his records here in Florida. And I was almost instrumental in putting him on Atlantic Records. I say almost because there’s no documents of it, but Jerry Wexler (from Atlantic) was very hip, and he knew that I knew Ray Charles.

He called me up one day and said, “Hey, Henry we’re looking for Ray Charles. We’d like to record him. You know how to find him?”

I said, “Last I knew of him he was in St Pete.”

So Jerry contacted Ray Charles, Atlantic Records signed him, and the rest is history.

May 312013

On Sunday, May 26, 2013, Latimore was interviewed on Harry’s & Diana’s The Right Track Soul Show on 94.4 fm, Salford City Radio in the United Kingdom. He talks about the very beginnings of how he got into the music business to how he met Henry Stone in the 1960s, right up to today with his newest release Latimore Remembers Ray Charles featuring the hit single Hit the Road, Jack.

Latimore Remembers Ray Charles

Apr 292013

The Story with Dick Gordon
Interviews Henry Stone

“The Hits Keep Coming”

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Henry Stone has once again been interviewed on a national radio show The Story with Dick Gordon. Talking about the early years of distribution, his relationship with Ray Charles and Latimore’s latest release, Latimore Remembers Ray Charles, Henry Stone relates his 60+ years in the music business.

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Latimore Remembers Ray Charles CD Insert raycharles

Apr 222013

Latimore Remembers Ray Charles

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Latimore Remembers Ray Charles CD InsertTRACKLIST
1. Hallelujah
2. I Got a Woman
3. Georgia On My Mind
4. Hit the Road, Jack
5. Unchain My Heart
6. Drown In My Own Tears
7. What’d I Say
8. Crying Time
9. I Can’t Stop Loving You
10. St. Pete Florida Blues

Featuring Latimore’s Take on Ray Charles Classics
With a booming voice untouched by time, soul singer-keyboardist Latimore unleashes his gravely blues vocals to pay tribute to legend Ray Charles on “Latimore Remembers Ray Charles,” his 25th album that will be released April 16th by Henry Stone Music. Record industry veteran Henry Stone produced the 10-song set of tunes made famous by Charles, including the sassy soulified single, “Hit The Road Jack,” which is currently receiving airplay at classic soul, blues and adult R&B radio stations.

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Apr 192013

This just in from Vernon Campbell
KTLR AM 890, Oklahoma City, OK:

Praise for “Latimore Remembers Ray Charles”

It’s time for the evening services to begin with a lot of screaming and shouting “Hallelujah” as we begin on Latimore’s hot new release of “Latimore Remembers Ray Charles.”

I’ll be bragging to the world “I Got A Woman” that will be joining me in evening service on Vernon CampbellBlues Hall Of Fame” on KTLR AM 890 right here in Oklahoma City.

It feels so good and inspirational to sing along with Latimore on “Georgia On My Mind.” I believe I’ll gas up the old car and swing by Henry Stone’s house and pick up Henry & Joe to come and “Hit The Road, Jack” with me. My heart is full with gladness that I want to “Unchain My Heart” with the release of this hot new CD of “Latimore Remembers Ray Charles.”

It has me “Drowning In My On Tears” that the phones are lightning the Oklahoma City skies up and saying to all our listeners “What I Say” “It’s Cryin’ Time” if you don’t call in your request from this new hot CD “Latimore Remembers Ray Charles.” All I can say about this new CD is “I Can’t Stop Loving You.” Remember, this new CD will begin a new rapture of shouting “Hallelujah” to the world.

I will close and sing along with Latimore because I’ve got a taste of the “St. Pete Florida Blues.” I thank God for Mr. & Mrs. Henry Stone & Joe Stone because they saw the vision to make this historical master piece a reality “Latimore Remembers Ray Charles“.

Vernon Campbell Vet Air Personality/MD
One Accord Broadcasting Corp/KTLR AM 890
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma