Jul 312013

He’s the biggest character in the whole fuckin world man. Clarence Reid, man. Blowfly. That was my invention. Blowfly. Clarence was y’know one of my writers, good writer yknow, he wrote “Rockin Chair,” for Gwen McCrae. Good songwriter. So I used to have a little piano in front of my office. Musicians used to come in and sit down. Clarence was sittin’ there foolin’ around with an old song. I’m in my office doin what I’m doin. I hear him by the piano all of a sudden playin “Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay,” but he’s sayin’ “Shittin On The Dock Of The Bay.” I say “Clarence! What is that?” I said “Go upstairs and cut that immediately! We had an 8 track studio above my Tone Distribution office. That’s where we cut a lot of hits.” So I said, “Clarence go up there and put that on tape immediately, so he finishes Shittin On The Dock Of The Bay, and I say come up with some more ideas, man, and cut some songs. So that’s when Blowfly came into existence. Shittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay.

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Jul 302013

In the early 80’s I formed a company with Morris Levy of Roulette Records called Sunnyview Records.

Although I lived in Miami, the company was based in NYC. I brought with me to this new label Dan Joseph, who had worked for me at TK Records and was one of the best promo men in NYC.

A couple of producers by the name of Joe Webb and Frank Fair who I knew from the streets and the music bidness brought me an act called Newcleus. A rap group from the city.

I was looking for a hip hop act out of New York cause most of my stuff came out of Miami and this was a New York group that was presented to me for a change of pace. When I first heard it, I heard the beginnings of a hit record. Their first release was Wikki Wikki Wikki and I thought it was just kooky enough to be a hit.

In July 1983 I released a single on the group called “Jam On Revenge” (The Wikki Wikki Song(Sunnyview 7″ 3007)) which climbed to #26 on Billboard’s Black Singles chart.

In early 1984 I had Dan Joseph along with New York mixer Jonathan Fearing do a 12″ remix of “Jam On It” (Sunnyview 12″ 411, Sunnyview 7″ 3010) and hired Morris Levy’s son Adam to promote the record.

Released in March 1984, the remixed version did a lot better the second time around as it reached #9 on Billboard’s Black Singles chart and #16 on the Billboard Top 80 Dance / Disco chart. It was an instant #1 hit in nightclubs around the world and to this day remains an Electro Dance classic.

After the success of “Jam On It” I released their debut album “Jam On Revenge” (Sunnyview 4901), which peaked at #15 on Billboard’s Top 75 Black albums chart and #74 on Billboard’s Top 200 Pop Albums chart.

One other song from the album, “Computer Age” (Push The Button) (Sunnyview 7″ 3013), released in August 1984 also became a Top 40 hit Billboard’s Black Singles chart. During the summer of 1985 Newcleus enjoyed moderate hits with “I Wanna Be A B-Boy” (Sunnyview 12″ 425) and “Let’s Jam” (Sunnyview 7″ 3024).

Jul 162013

Bounce That Booty Official Video


The Booty Shake has hit the streets of Miami!

The first video off the new Booty Shakin’ Time EP by Jake the Dog is “Bounce That Booty” and it is bouncing all over!

Jake the Dog takes to the streets with his newest dance move and rolls it all over Miami, from Opa-Locka to South Beach.

Miami New Times Report on the Bounce That Booty video.

Jake the Dog and Henry Stone Make a Booty Bass Record” by Miami New Times.

EP CD Now Available!

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Booty Shakin Time EP

Jul 022013

Booty Shakin’ Time EP

Booty Shakin Time EPby Jake the Dog f/ The Fly Boys $3.99 Buy Now


1. Booty Around the World
2. Booty Shakin’ Time
3. Shake That B O O T Y
4. Bounce That Booty
Listen to Samples

Watch The “Bounce That Booty Video

“Track as Funky as A Million Bowlegged Monkeys!!!!!!!!!!”
– Jerry Mason, The Boogie Report

Jake The Dog was raised on the heavy boom of Miami Bass and the booty shake of the Goombay beat. Booty Shakin’ Time is his tribute to the sounds of rap and bass that he grew up on. The record is executive produced by dance music pioneer Henry Stone, features Miami Bass pioneer Joe Stone, and is produced and engineered by George “Chocolate” Perry, the bass player from the Bee Gees. Now, that’s a lot of bass.

Word from Henry Stone: 38 years ago, I was sitting in the office with KC and the Sunshine Band and had to pick up a third album after two #1 worldwide hits. We were talking about “Shake Your Booty” and everyone thought it was too dirty. But I told them we were going with it. Three weeks later, it was another #1 hit. Now, 38 years later, we are still shaking our booty with “Booty Shakin’ Time”!

Who is “Jake the Dog”? Where did “Booty Shakin’ Time” come from? Some of the answers are in this great article from the Miami New Times.

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Jun 282013

Pre-Release Preview!
Full CD coming soon!

Booty Shakin’ Time
by Jake the Dog

Just finished this track today. Full CD coming soon!

38 years ago, I was sitting in the office with KC and the Sunshine Band and had to pick up a third album after two #1 worldwide hits. We were talking about “Shake Your Booty” and everyone thought it was too dirty. But I told them we were going with it. Three weeks later, it was another #1 hit.

Now, 38 years later, we are still shaking our booty with “Booty Shakin’ Time”!
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Booty Shakin Time Single CD Print

Sep 062012


Blow Fly presents The Fly Boys – Fly Style


Buy Now


1. Fly Style
2. P**sy Thang
3. Pen*s Delight
4. F**k It Up
5. F**king
6. Pump Up the Booty
7. People Are Still F**king
8. Everbody F**k Now
9. F**k It to the Bone
10. This Is P*nis
11. F**k Music (Got to Have It)
12. Super Whole (You Better F**k)

Do you like Blow Fly?
Do You Want Your Music Xtra Nasty?
Do You Want Your Music Xtra Funny?
Do You Want Your Music Xtra Fly?
You Need:
The Fly Boys!

Fly Style Features twelve dirty, nasty hilarious parodies of pop classics. This album is strictly for adults and not for those easily offended.

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Sep 232011

CAUTION! The Following Material is for Adult Audiences Only – Parental Advisory – Explicit Lyrics
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The Movie Premiere of The Weird World of Blowfly starring Clarence Reid Opens at O Cinema Miami on Thursday, September 29

All the Original Weird World Blowfly Releases are
Available on CD and Digital Download from Henry Stone Music.


Mar 242011
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His next adventure was with Henry Stone at T.K. Entertainment where he recorded this great album, “So Much Drama.” Within a couple of weeks, T.K. had generated such a big buzz in the streets over the album that it put Blac Haze back in the spotlight of the rap scene. Available on the So Much Drama CD.

Mar 152011

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1) intro (MASS)
2) Cadillac Rollin’ (f/ DIZ)
3) Fantasies
4) Luvs Me Not
5) Can’t Resist Ya’ (f/ MASS)
6) Skit
7) Say What U Wanna Say (f/ MASS)
8) Be Somebody (f/ KingPen)
9) Call from Stone
10) So Can’t Leave U (f/ Zerofingers & J. Brail)
11) Spell On Me
12) Interview
13) Bubble Bootay
14) What U Do 2 Me (outro)

BIG_NOX is a duo comprised of veteran artist/underground rapsinger Gabriel ‘Obnoxious’ Alberro and Beatdown producer/rapper Eddie ‘Big Mass’ Cortez.
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Alberro spent the last ten years on the underground circuit, doing small venues with different crews throughout the U.S. His former group, Ubnawkshis, appeared in various internet and magazine articles, on many DVD’s and mixtapes (including The Chronic Candy out of LA, Underground Uncut out of Seattle, Chicks N Whips out of Las Vegas, Latinas Gone Crazy out of Miami and others, some overseas) and, though never reaching a grand scale audience, was well recieved by both known acts and critics.

Since he was a child, Alberro excelled and has been praised by many in the arts. He began making music around 15 years old and has tried his hand at almost any genre. Cortez, (a founder/producer/artist of Beatdown Squad, a highly gifted bay area rap trio) is also an extremely talented young musician/artist/writer/composer, with whom the music is fresh and unique.

This ground-breaking and diverse sound created by Alberro and Cortez makes BIG_NOX a hot commodity and a musical force to be reckoned with. Its feel is raw and yet still has a commercial appeal. It is soulful, yet catchy, a bit of R&B, Hip Hop, Rock, Jazz and Soul. It is experimental and still grounded.

Alberro’s vocals are different, sexy, eccentric. His lyrics are a bit more strange and somewhat darker than his partner in rhyme. A real fly by the cuff character, Gabriel Alberro’s wild and enigmatic ways are that of which legends are comprised.

With Cortez’ more accessible and commercially driven lyrics, and simple yet funked out grooves, the tracks become contagoius melodic journeys. Moreover, it is the type of art that will last. Their first effort, this album entitled ENAMOROUS is sure to find its way into many people’s hearts, young and old, and in Alberro’s own words is ‘but a sweet minor step on a path to bigger things’.

Upon he and Henry Stone agreeing to do a project together, Alberro called longtime affiliate Cortez and suggested they put that sound together finally that they had dabbled with in the past. Cortez agreed and threw together some concepts and lyrics, and came down to Vegas to put in work.

While Alberro worked the nightlife scene in Las Vegas, he would sneak away and write lyrics to accompany Cortez’ ideas. Then he would return to his crib and he and Cortez would record the songs in pieces.

Enamorous was recorded in five days in Alberro’s walk-in closet on a shabby computer with headphones that did not work. Then Cortez took the demo back to Northern California and had his boys in Beatdown add their parts. The rest is history.

The album is currently being released internationally through Henry Stone Music USA, Inc. and the group has plans to do tours and gigs throughout the US and abroad. They are currently working on a second and third album. Alberro is also writing a film and doing the album art for several bands in different genres. Cortez is also producing several albums, among other side projects. These gentlemen will be an asset to the arts once they are recognized and exposed to the world. Believe that.
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