Aug 192013

Paulette Reaves – Secret Lover

Paulette ReavesNow Available for Download

1. Track Back Those Things I Said
2. Your Real Good Thing’s About to Come to an End
3. There He Is
4. Let Me Wrap You in My Love
5. There’s Fire Down Below
6. If You Don’t See Me Again
7. Love the Hell Out of Me
8. Secret Lover

Jul 302013

As heard on “Orange Is the New Black”
Benny Latimore’s “Move and Groove Together”

Available on Benny Latimore the Early Years

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Benny Latimore CD Insert 2TRACKLISTING
1. There She Is
2. Ain’t Gonna Cry No More
3. Girl I Got News For You
4. The Power and the Glory
5. It Was So Nice While It Lasted
6. Move and Groove Together
7. Love Don’t Love Me
8. Life’s Little Ups and Downs
9. It’s Just a Matter of Time
10. I’m Just an Ordinary Man
11. I’ll Be Good to You
12. I Pity the Fool
13. Have a Little Faith
14. I’m a Believer
15. Rain From The Sky
16. I Can’t Go On

The critically-acclaimed new Netflix show “Orange is the New Black” features a classic track by the multi-million selling gold-record artist Latimore. “Move and Groove Together”, from the world-renowned Southern Soul crooner, is used as part of the premiere episode.

The track comes in at 14:30 in the first episode, titled “I Wasn’t Ready”, in a very sultry scene with the main character, Piper Chapman, played by Taylor Schilling, dancing for her lesbian lover, Alex Vause, played by Laura Prepon. Netflix has recently received fourteen Emmy nominations for their original programming.

The track “Move and Groove Together”, available on the Benny Latimore The Early Years CD, has quickly jumped up the sales charts. It was originally recorded in 1968 at Bobby Dukoff’s studio and was written and sung by Latimore. It came out on Dade Records as a 45. This is a representation of the true Miami Sound, long before any of those other came out in the 80s.

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Born in Charleston, TN in 1939, Benny Latimore was influenced by country music, his Baptist church choir, and the Blues. WLAC, via the strong evening signal from Nashville, was a favorite in Latimore’s youth.

Benny Latimore, who was produced by Steve Alaimo, describes “The Miami Sound” as a kind of combination of R&B and Jazz.

In a career spanning over 35 years and beginning with recordings in the 1960s for Miami music legend Henry Stone, the gems on this CD were cut on the Dade label long before Benny’s success on the Glades/T.K. label. These early recordings for Dade are solid deep soul, graced by Latimore’s deep, sultry voice.

Included on this disc are the much sought after 1965 hits, “I Can’t Go On Anymore” and “Rain From the Sky”, originally recorded on Stone’s Blade label. These are treasures that until now only a few collectors were lucky enough to have. Today we bring them to you for the world to hear.

“Sensational” really is the best word to describe Latimore. He proved to be extremely adept as both a superlative vocalist and keyboard player par excellence. Benny Latimore is Florida’s master soul stylist.

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Jul 252013


Amant CD InsertAvailable for Download

1. If There’s Love Pt. 1
2. If There’s Love Pt. 2
3. If There’s Love Pt. 3
4. If There’s Love Pt. 4
5. Hazy Shades of Love Pt. 1
6. Hazy Shades of Love Pt. 2
7. Hazy Shades of Love Pt. 3
8. Hazy Shades of Love Pt. 4
9. If There’s Love
10. Hazy Shades of Love

Jul 252013

The Traveling Six – We Are Going Home

The Traveling SixAvailable for Download Now.

1. We Are Going Home
2. To Be Like Jesus
3. I’m Waiting on You
4. Death Is a Policeman
5. The Dream
6. Something About Jesus Is Sweet
7. I Decided to Make Jesus My Choice
8. Every Day Will Be a Glory Day

Jul 222013

Tempest Trio

TempestTrioCDAvailable for Download

1. Love Machine
2. You Keep Me Hanging
3. Love Chains
4. Do You Like the Way it Feels
5. Starlight
6. Last Call for Love
7. You Keep Me Hanging On / Love Chains

Jul 222013

Nancy Caree

Nancy Caree CD InsertAvailable for Download

1. After the Will of God
2. No Man Is an Island
3. A Blessing in Praising God
4. It’s Good to Know Jesus
5. Walk Around Heaven
6. Jesus Paid it All
7. I Love Jesus
8. Take God at His Word