Little Beaver

Apr 122016

(L to R) Willie Hale, Timmy Thomas, Willie Clarke, and Henry Stone – 2013 – Jake Katel

“I’ve been on a lot of sessions, man. Even ones you might not know about. I did the guitar part on Gwen McCrae’s “Rockin’ Chair.” And I wrote the bass line for Latimore’s “Let’s Straighten It Out.”

Latimore has always been mean on the keys. He played them on my song “Party Down.” And George “Chocolate” Perry had the bass kicking on that one. In fact, Choco did the whole album with me except for one song, and that was with Jaco Pastorius.

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Nov 092015

Little Beaver, Jimmie Bo Horne, Timmy Thomas, Willie Clarke, and Henry Stone, 2013 – Jake Katel

“Party Down” was just a part of my life when I was young and wild and reckless and partying involved drugs and beautiful women and life was carefree and I though we had it goin’ on. And we did. I had a friend of mine. I used to go to his house and we used to sit around and get high and listen to records…

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Jul 082015

“I was a distributor when CD’s came in. That’s what almost killed me. I hadda buy all those CDs! Along with still carrying LP’s, you hadda give em an order for, let’s say in the very beginning when the CDs first came out…Let’s say you were gonna order 100 units of something, you’d order 60 LPs and 40 CDs and then of course it started to change. You started ordering 60 and 40 the other way, then 70 and 30, and then eventually the LPs got eliminated and it was all CDs. Everything came out on CD form.

And I was a distributor. I was there. I was a distributor right through…even when I had TK, I had Tone Distributing.

I didn’t give up my distribution. In fact, today Inez is going out with Cheryl Regan who’s Russ Regan’s wife, and 20th Century is one of the labels I actually distributed when I had TK. I had big records with Barry White and “Kung Fu Fighting,” those were both Russ Regan yknow.

So I still had my Tone Distributing while I had TK. Thats when I became so huge that whoooo…hahaha. Tone wasn’t as big cause the independents started to do their own thing, their own distrobutions, Motown, Warner Bros, Atlantic yknow, and then suddenly labels like Arista, I had Arista which was Clive Davis, he ended up selling out to Columbia by the way, so I lost that line yknow.

TK became my big million dolla….multi million dolla operation with all those hit records. Hit artists. I built KC and The Sunshine Band, I built Latimore, I built George McCrae, I built Gwen McCrae, Jimmie Bo Horne, Little Beaver, Blowfly, Betty Wright….I built these artists just like Motown did their artists. I didn’t have just one hit. Every once in a while I’d get a one hit artist, same with Motown havin a one hit artist, but most of their things were building Supremes and the Tempts, they built their artists. I built my artists too like KC, I had 6 number one records with KC and three platinum LPs yknow. LPs. It was still LP time yknow in the 70s

I never became RIAA certified, I never joined that organization. I thought they were full of shit, just a way to rip the majors off, but the majors were in there they like controlled it yknow. All the majors were a part of it. They tried to get me join and I said nah man that’s a majors thing I dont wanna get involved with that. I just turned em down. I member a lot of the independents turned em down. I know Morris Levy never used the RIAA. They knew it was controlled by the majors. Big business. That was all part of it.


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Jul 092014

Henry Stone Presents The Little Beaver Song Book

HS Presents Little Beaver Songbook Cover


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HSM 5154
01 Tears Of The World
02 Wish I Had A Girl Like You-Robert More
03 Mama Forgot To Tell Me
04 I Love The Way You Love
05 Wish I Had A Girl Like You-Japan
06 Don’t Let It End This Way
07 That’s How It Is
08 Give A Helping Hand
09 Miami Girl
10 Ain’t No Time
11 Little Girl Blue
12 I’ve Got To See You Tonight
13 He Don’t Ever Lose His Groove
14 I Love The Way You Love
15 I’ll Love You Forever Heart And Soul
16 Jealous Man
17 Jimmie Bo Charlie
18 Joey
19 Don’t Let It End This Way
20 Katie Pearl


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Jul 092014

Henry Stone’s Best Of Little Beaver

Little Beaver Best Of$19.99
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HSM 5152
01 Joey
02 Party Times
03 Does Anybody Care
04 Party Down
05 Wish I Had A Girl Like You
06 Give A Helping Hand
07 I Like The Way You Do Your Thing
08 Mama Forgot To Tell Me
09 Miami Girl
10 Pretty Little Girl
11 I’m A Man Just Like You
12 Don’t Let It End This Way
13 When Was The Last Time
14 Everybody Has Some Dues To Pay
15 Thank You For My Life
16 That’s How It Is
17 Katie Pearl


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Aug 092013


Rock Your Baby

A documentary on the life of Henry Stone and the music from Miami that changed the world.

On Thursday, August 8th, Henry Stone Music and Beacon Films hosted a fundraising reception to introduce the community to the upcoming documentary Rock Your Baby. Rock Your Baby is a uniquely American story of how a group of individuals with raw talent and diverse backgrounds, led by the indefatigable determination and genius of one man, exported the music of Miami to the world. That man is Henry Stone. Over sixty invited guests enjoyed clips from the movie and were introduced to the creators, the Producers Mitchell and Debra Egber, Director Mark Moormann, and, of course, the man himself, Henry Stone. Appetizing hors d’eouvres were provided by Chef Inspired Creations.

For more information about the film and the history, check out the Rock Your Baby Movie website. Contributions to the film may be made through the fiscal sponsor, Life Is Art.

Photographs courtesy Anthony Jordon.