May 312013

On Sunday, May 26, 2013, Latimore was interviewed on Harry’s & Diana’s The Right Track Soul Show on 94.4 fm, Salford City Radio in the United Kingdom. He talks about the very beginnings of how he got into the music business to how he met Henry Stone in the 1960s, right up to today with his newest release Latimore Remembers Ray Charles featuring the hit single Hit the Road, Jack.

Latimore Remembers Ray Charles

Apr 292013

The Story with Dick Gordon
Interviews Henry Stone

“The Hits Keep Coming”

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Henry Stone has once again been interviewed on a national radio show The Story with Dick Gordon. Talking about the early years of distribution, his relationship with Ray Charles and Latimore’s latest release, Latimore Remembers Ray Charles, Henry Stone relates his 60+ years in the music business.

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Latimore Remembers Ray Charles CD Insert raycharles

Feb 252013
My big interview with Dick Gordon

My big interview with Dick Gordon


Last week I got a call from Carol, a producer for “The Story, With Dick Gordon,” a really great nationwide public radio show that wanted to interview me for a segment on The Miami Sound.

So today, I drove up to the WLRN studio in Downtown Miami and got on the ISDN line with Dick Gordon in North Carolina for the interview.

Wow, he really did his research. We talked about my early days as a trumpet player in the first integrated army band at Camp Kilmer in New Jersey. We talked about my moving to California after the war, how I worked with a 17 year old Mel Torme at the studio of Ben Pollock, how I ended up with the Bihari Brothers at Modern Records, and my early distribution efforts (nationwide) with the train porters.

We got into my big move to Miami, my first million selling single (The Charms, on DeLuxe), co founding James Brown, discovering Sam & Dave, and of course recording Ray Charles.

We talked about my Tone Distributing, growing with Atlantic, hitting the road with Leonard Chess, and a few big hits I had like “Cleanup Woman,” “Funky Nassau,” “Rockin’ Chair,” and of course the first ever worldwide disco hit “Rock Your Baby” with George McCrae.

All in all, it was a great story, and I can’t wait to hear it on the radio, playing to over 125 FM stations around the U.S. (and a couple of AM stations too). And I can’t wait for you to hear it too. I will make sure and let you know when it’s out.




Mar 222011
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Henry Stone interviewed on the Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show on BBC 6 radio on December 6, 2008

Mar 082011

Henry Stone Interviewed on WLRN Radio
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Interview with Henry Stone, as heard on WLRN’s South Florida Arts Beat; Executive Producer – Adrienne Kennedy, Written, Voiced and Co-produced by Chris DeAngelis, Producer & Host – Ed Bell.

May 192010

On May 19th at 7:00pm, Henry Stone was honored at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum as part of their Songwriters to Soundmen program.

The People Behind the Hits took place on Wednesday, May 19 at 7 p.m. in the Rock Hall’s Foster Theater.

Stone was interviewed by the Rock Hall’s Vice President of Education and Public Programs, Dr. Lauren Onkey. Questions taken from the audience at the end of the interview.

Read more information on the Rock Hall website.

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