Gwen McCrae

Jul 082015

“I was a distributor when CD’s came in. That’s what almost killed me. I hadda buy all those CDs! Along with still carrying LP’s, you hadda give em an order for, let’s say in the very beginning when the CDs first came out…Let’s say you were gonna order 100 units of something, you’d order 60 LPs and 40 CDs and then of course it started to change. You started ordering 60 and 40 the other way, then 70 and 30, and then eventually the LPs got eliminated and it was all CDs. Everything came out on CD form.

And I was a distributor. I was there. I was a distributor right through…even when I had TK, I had Tone Distributing.

I didn’t give up my distribution. In fact, today Inez is going out with Cheryl Regan who’s Russ Regan’s wife, and 20th Century is one of the labels I actually distributed when I had TK. I had big records with Barry White and “Kung Fu Fighting,” those were both Russ Regan yknow.

So I still had my Tone Distributing while I had TK. Thats when I became so huge that whoooo…hahaha. Tone wasn’t as big cause the independents started to do their own thing, their own distrobutions, Motown, Warner Bros, Atlantic yknow, and then suddenly labels like Arista, I had Arista which was Clive Davis, he ended up selling out to Columbia by the way, so I lost that line yknow.

TK became my big million dolla….multi million dolla operation with all those hit records. Hit artists. I built KC and The Sunshine Band, I built Latimore, I built George McCrae, I built Gwen McCrae, Jimmie Bo Horne, Little Beaver, Blowfly, Betty Wright….I built these artists just like Motown did their artists. I didn’t have just one hit. Every once in a while I’d get a one hit artist, same with Motown havin a one hit artist, but most of their things were building Supremes and the Tempts, they built their artists. I built my artists too like KC, I had 6 number one records with KC and three platinum LPs yknow. LPs. It was still LP time yknow in the 70s

I never became RIAA certified, I never joined that organization. I thought they were full of shit, just a way to rip the majors off, but the majors were in there they like controlled it yknow. All the majors were a part of it. They tried to get me join and I said nah man that’s a majors thing I dont wanna get involved with that. I just turned em down. I member a lot of the independents turned em down. I know Morris Levy never used the RIAA. They knew it was controlled by the majors. Big business. That was all part of it.


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Jul 092014

Henry Stone’s Best Of Gwen McCrae

Best Of Gwen McCrae$12.98
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HSM 5153
01 He Keeps Something Groovy Goin’ On
02 Move Me Baby
03 Tears On My Pillow
04 Rockin’ Chair
05 For Your Love
06 Your Love is Worse Than A Cold Love
07 90% Of Me Is You
08 It’s Worth The Hurt
09 He Don’t Ever Lose His Groove
10 Love Insurance
11 Please Don’t Go
12 Cradle Of Love
13 It Keeps On Raining
14 Let’s Straighten It Out 1
15 Tonight’s The Night
16 Jazz Freak 1
17 Rockin’ Chair (With A Taste Of Latimore)


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Oct 142013

On October 12, 2013, at the newly renovated Milander Performance Center, over 1200 disco fans gathered for one big night of the Miami Disco Fever Reunion! Organized by long-time promoter Charlie Rodriguez and hosted by popular radio DJ Leo Vela, the night featured performances from some of the biggest names in disco, including George McCrae, Timmy Thomas, Jimmy ‘Bo’ Horne, as well as a KC and the Sunshine Band tribute by the Old Skool Gang.

Henry Stone, the legendary founder of TK Records and many other labels, received a proclamation from the Mayor of the City of Hialeah, Carlos Hernandez. Mayor Hernandez is himself a big fan of TK Records and joined in with the people who packed the dance floor throughout the night. The day of October 12, 2013 was proclaimed as the official TK Records Day in Hialeah.

Henry Stone’s labels throughout the 1970s cranked out hundreds of hot tracks and included over 25 gold and platinum records, all from a little studio in the upstairs of his distributor warehouse in Hialeah. Some of his biggest acts included George McCrae on TK Records, KC and the Sunshine Band on on TK Records, Latimore on Glades, Bobby Caldwell on Clouds, Gwen McCrae on Cat, Foxy on on Dash, Jimmy “Bo” Horne on Sunshine Sound, Anita Ward on Juana, Timmy Thomas on Glades, Betty Wright on Alston, T-Connection on Dash, Peter Brown on Drive and too many more to list. Dozens of artists passed through his doors throughout his 60+ years in the music business and Henry’s impact on both the music and the business has been felt throughout the world.

The Miami Disco Fever Reunion on October 12, 2013 was a fitting tribute to a man who has done so much for the music business.

Click here to see more photos

Photos Courtesy Jake Katel

Oct 032013

Gwen McCrae – Let’s Straighten It Out

Gwen McCrae Lets Straighten It Out CD Insert$12.98

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1. Early Morning Love
2. Starting All Over Again
3. Tonight’s the Night
4. Signed, Sealed, Delivered
5. Let’s Straighten It Out
6. Love Insurance
7. Cradle of Love
8. At Bedtime

Featuring The Sexy Soulful Gwen McCrae
Straighten It Out with true Miami Soul
Get your groove on tonight!

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Aug 152013

Aretha Franklin used to pour her soul out and cry over Henry Stone’s piano at his TK Studios in Hialeah, Florida.

She was signed to Atlantic Records at the time, so out of respect for Jerry Wexler, Ahmet Ertegun, and their contracts and lawyers, he didn’t dare record her. But Stone’s historic career does include releases from some of the greatest female vocalists of all time in R&B, soul, funk, dance, and disco.

Here are the top 10.

10. Eartha Kitt
Eartha Kitt recorded for Stone’s Sunnyview label in 1984 creating a groundbreaking electronic post-disco synth pop sound with her 6 song album “I Love Men.”

9. Celi Bee
This Puerto Rican disco queen recorded for Stone’s TK Disco empire and made a big impact in the Netherlands, UK, and Germany with her band the Buzzy Bunch and hits like “Boomerang,” and “Superman”.
Celi Bee can be found on Henry Stone’s Hidden Disco Grooves Vol. 2 and 12 Inch Disco Classics from the 70s Vol 3

8. Yvonne Fair
Not only did she record with James Brown, and later with Motown, but Yvonne recorded for Henry Stone’s Dade label in 1963, cutting the funky soul single “Say Yeah Yeah.”
Yvonne Fair on Nat Kendricks and the Swans.

7. Lynn Williams
Lynn has the honorable distinction of having cut one of the first TK Records releases written and produced by Harry Wayne Casey and Richard Finch of KC & The Sunshine Band. She recorded for Stone’s TK, Dade, and Suncut labels. Also, her mom is Miami radio personality Vanilla Williams and her dad is the great r&b sensation and longtime friend of Henry Stone, the guy who recorded the first version of “The Twist,” Hank Ballard.
Lynn Williams in on the Miami Soul Sisters.

6. Paulette Reaves
This sexy funk and soul singer recorded for Stone’s Blue Candle and Dash labels and worked extensively with Clarence “Blowfly” Reid and young bass player George “Chocolate” Perry. She recorded classic songs like “Secret Lover,” “Jazz Freak,” and “Love The Hell Out Of Me”.
Paulette Reaves All About Love

5. Dorothy Moore
She’s most famous for her love’s lament on the song “Misty Blue,” but Henry Stone recorded Dorothy doing the uptempo dance number “Let The Music Play” for his TK Disco label, which saw extensive spins in nightclubs all over the country.

4. Charlotte McKinnon
Charlotte was an original member of the hit making group Company B behind the chart favorite, and freestyle classic “Fascinated.” She has sung live and on albums with the likes of Jennifer Lopez and KC and The Sunshine Band. She recorded solo for Henry Stone with 1987’s high energy club smash “Thief In The Night.”

3. Anita Ward
To this day “Ring My Bell” is one of the most recognizable songs in the world. Its irrepressible beat and chorus took it to the top of the Billboard charts only 3 weeks from the day it was released, one of the fastest responses to a single that Stone ever witnessed.

2. Gwen McCrae
Wow, what a voice, what charisma, what presence, what personality, Gwen McCrae is a favorite of electronic music DJs all over the planet. Her big hit for Henry Stone’s Cat label was “Rockin’ Chair,” which sold millions, and her name is still huge today.
Gwen McCrae Sings TK and Gwen McCrae For Your Love.

1. Betty Wright
Ever since walking into Henry Stone’s life with Willie Clarke, Clarence Reid, and Willie “Little Beaver” Hale, Betty Wright brought an energy that shook the world. “Cleanup Woman” was an immediate million seller and to this day some of the greatest musicians in the world remember exactly where they were and what the they were doing the first time they heard it. Where were you the first time you heard “Cleanup Woman?”
Betty Write on Miami Soul Sisters.

A Young Betty Wright

A Young Betty Wright

Many of these can be found on Miami Soul Sisters

Jun 142013

Gwen McCrae – Something So Right

Gwen McCrae Something So Right CD Insert$12.98

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1. Something So Right
2. Tears On My Pillow
3. Love Without Sex
4. Mr. Everything
5. Iron Woman
6. Damn Right It’s Good
7. Let Nature Take It’s Course
8. I’ve Got Nothing to Lose But the Blues

Featuring Sultry Beautiful Gwen McCrae
She Simply Brings “It”
Something So Right, Yes
Everything is Right Make it Gwen McCrae Tonight

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May 022013

George and Gwen McCrae – Together

George-Gwen Together$12.98

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1. I’ll Do The Rockin’
2. You And I Were Made For Each Other
3. Mechanical Body
4. I’m Comin’ At You
5. Let’s Dance Dance Dance
6. Winners Together Or Losers Apart
7. Homesick, Lovesick
8. The Rub
9. Let Your Love Do The Talkin’

George & Gwen McCrae Together
Two of Miami’s superstars from the 70s come together on this album, delivering soulful, sexy, smooth grooves made for each other.

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Apr 222013

Latimore Remembers Ray Charles

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Latimore Remembers Ray Charles CD InsertTRACKLIST
1. Hallelujah
2. I Got a Woman
3. Georgia On My Mind
4. Hit the Road, Jack
5. Unchain My Heart
6. Drown In My Own Tears
7. What’d I Say
8. Crying Time
9. I Can’t Stop Loving You
10. St. Pete Florida Blues

Featuring Latimore’s Take on Ray Charles Classics
With a booming voice untouched by time, soul singer-keyboardist Latimore unleashes his gravely blues vocals to pay tribute to legend Ray Charles on “Latimore Remembers Ray Charles,” his 25th album that will be released April 16th by Henry Stone Music. Record industry veteran Henry Stone produced the 10-song set of tunes made famous by Charles, including the sassy soulified single, “Hit The Road Jack,” which is currently receiving airplay at classic soul, blues and adult R&B radio stations.

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May 312012

Gwen McCrae – For Your Love
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1. Move Me Baby
2. Your Love Is Worse Than a Cold Love
3. He Keeps Something Groovy Goin’ On Sample
4. Let Them Talk
5. For Your Love Sample
6. It’s Worth the Hurt
7. 90% Of Me Is You
8. It Keeps On Raining Sample
9. He Don’t Ever Lose His Groove

Produced by Steve Alaimo
“Move Me Baby” produced by Steve Alaimo, Richard Finch & H. W. Casey
“90% Of Me Is You” and “For Your Love” produced by Steve Alaimo & Willie Clarke

Horns: Mike Lewis, Vinny Tano, Whit Sigener
Bass: Ron Bogdon, George Perry, Rick Finch
Keyboards: Latimore, Timmy Thomas, H. W. Casey
Guitar: Willie “Little Beaver” Hale, Jerome Smith, Philip Wright, Joey Murcia
Drums: Robert Furgeson, Freddie Scott, Robert Johnson, Rick Finch
Background Vocals: Betty Wright, Gwen McCrae, George McCrae, H. W. Casey
Strings & Horns arranged by: Mike Lewis

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Aug 192011
Burning Up Europe!
Gwen McCrae Sings TK
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From The Fantastic CD

Gwen McCrae Sings TK

Gwen McCrae’s 21st Century Rendition of 13 TK Hits

* Winner of Jus Blues Magazine – Best Blues & Soul Woman & Song Of The Year Award

* Picked Best Classic Soul by Soul-Patrol

Jun 152011

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1. Betty Wright – Clean Up Woman Listen to a Sample Sample
2. Jimmy Bo Horne – Spank Listen to a Sample Sample
3. Little Beaver – Party Down Listen to a Sample Sample
4. Gwen McCrae – Rockin’ Chair Listen to a Sample Sample
5. Steve Alaimo & Betty Wright – The Smoke Is Gone Listen to a Sample Sample
6. Latimore – Let’s Straighten It Out Listen to a Sample Sample
7. Peter Brown – Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me Listen to a Sample Sample
8. The Charms – Hearts Of Stone Listen to a Sample Sample
9. Timmy Thomas – Why Can’t We Live Together Listen to a Sample Sample
10. Foxy – Get Off Listen to a Sample Sample
11. T-Connection – Do What You Wanna Do Listen to a Sample Sample
12. Clarence Reid – Nobody But You Babe Listen to a Sample Sample
13. Wilson Pickett – The Best Part Of A Man Listen to a Sample Sample
14. Miami f/ Robert Moore – Party Freaks Listen to a Sample Sample
15. James Brown – Rapp Payback Listen to a Sample Sample

Henry Stone is noted as one of the handful of individuals that started the independent movement in the music business. His involvement was key in bringing the music industry to the world. Henry Stone, dubbed the Godfather of Florida & Miami Soul, R&B, Blues, & Dance, has been an instrumental part of the music industry in Miami and throughout the world as both an independent record label owner and distributor. Stone found his niche after WW II by selling records from the trunk of his car.

In the early 1950s he was one of the first to record Ray Charles. He found and recorded James Brown as early as 1955. Also in 1955 he had his first million selling record with the Charms singing “Hearts of Stone”. In the 1960s Stone became the largest independent record distributor in the Southeast, distributing for Atlantic, Warner Bros., Motown, Stax and many more. At the time these were all independent record labels. Stone started the Miami Music craze in the late 1960s with million sellers from artists like Beginning of the End “Funky Nassau”, Clarence Reid “Nobody But You Babe”, Betty Wright “Clean Up Woman” and others. Stone’s biggest label, TK Records, was founded in the 1970s and charted 23 gold and platinum records worldwide. He discovered KC & The Sunshine Band and other million sellers including George McCrae, Gwen McCrae, Latimore, Timmy Thomas, Peter Brown and many more.

Hidden Treasures is a collection of some of the Legendary Henry Stone’s favorite songs from his labels 1950 – 1980. Vol. 1.

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Mar 312011

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For over three decades, Gwen McCrae has won worldwide acclaim for her sensuous, classy brand of modern Soul music. Gwen was an important figure in TK’s growth as a center of R&B music in the 70s. In 1975, at TK Records, she became an international star with the chart-topping, million-selling success of the Grammy-nominated “Rockin’ Chair.” Now, here is a 21st Century rendition of the meg-hit “Please Don’t Go”. You can hear the power and sensuality in her voice more than ever. Available on the Gwen McCrae Sings TK CD.