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Jul 082015

“I was a distributor when CD’s came in. That’s what almost killed me. I hadda buy all those CDs! Along with still carrying LP’s, you hadda give em an order for, let’s say in the very beginning when the CDs first came out…Let’s say you were gonna order 100 units of something, you’d order 60 LPs and 40 CDs and then of course it started to change. You started ordering 60 and 40 the other way, then 70 and 30, and then eventually the LPs got eliminated and it was all CDs. Everything came out on CD form.

And I was a distributor. I was there. I was a distributor right through…even when I had TK, I had Tone Distributing.

I didn’t give up my distribution. In fact, today Inez is going out with Cheryl Regan who’s Russ Regan’s wife, and 20th Century is one of the labels I actually distributed when I had TK. I had big records with Barry White and “Kung Fu Fighting,” those were both Russ Regan yknow.

So I still had my Tone Distributing while I had TK. Thats when I became so huge that whoooo…hahaha. Tone wasn’t as big cause the independents started to do their own thing, their own distrobutions, Motown, Warner Bros, Atlantic yknow, and then suddenly labels like Arista, I had Arista which was Clive Davis, he ended up selling out to Columbia by the way, so I lost that line yknow.

TK became my big million dolla….multi million dolla operation with all those hit records. Hit artists. I built KC and The Sunshine Band, I built Latimore, I built George McCrae, I built Gwen McCrae, Jimmie Bo Horne, Little Beaver, Blowfly, Betty Wright….I built these artists just like Motown did their artists. I didn’t have just one hit. Every once in a while I’d get a one hit artist, same with Motown havin a one hit artist, but most of their things were building Supremes and the Tempts, they built their artists. I built my artists too like KC, I had 6 number one records with KC and three platinum LPs yknow. LPs. It was still LP time yknow in the 70s

I never became RIAA certified, I never joined that organization. I thought they were full of shit, just a way to rip the majors off, but the majors were in there they like controlled it yknow. All the majors were a part of it. They tried to get me join and I said nah man that’s a majors thing I dont wanna get involved with that. I just turned em down. I member a lot of the independents turned em down. I know Morris Levy never used the RIAA. They knew it was controlled by the majors. Big business. That was all part of it.


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Oct 072014
Flyboys Album Cover

Henry Stone Music presents Flyboys, “All About That Ass”


Everybody loves a big fat bouncing booty. Well, at least everyone who’s “All About That Ass” does. And that’s the newest song by Henry Stone Music’s own The Fly Boys.

These crazy guys have been making X-Rated song parodies since the 1980s, when they would sell them out of the trunk of their Fly Mobile outside of the Pac Jam in Liberty City every Saturday night.

Their filty and perverted music has garnered them a legend of diehard fans over the years, and now with their new single “All ABout That Ass,” a parody of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass,” they’re ready to unload all their goodness on the world once again.

Have you heard the song? Here’ watch this video and check it out.

Our local newspaper, the Miami New Times even picked up on the story and interviewed the group’s lead singer Dino Fly all about how he ended up in Miami, what inspired this song, and why he loves making dirty music in the first place. Click here to read the interview.

The Fly Boys always made Henry Stone laugh and that’s why this new song and upcoming album with Blowfly, the filthmaster himself, is gonna make you come with anticipation.

Jul 312013

He’s the biggest character in the whole fuckin world man. Clarence Reid, man. Blowfly. That was my invention. Blowfly. Clarence was y’know one of my writers, good writer yknow, he wrote “Rockin Chair,” for Gwen McCrae. Good songwriter. So I used to have a little piano in front of my office. Musicians used to come in and sit down. Clarence was sittin’ there foolin’ around with an old song. I’m in my office doin what I’m doin. I hear him by the piano all of a sudden playin “Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay,” but he’s sayin’ “Shittin On The Dock Of The Bay.” I say “Clarence! What is that?” I said “Go upstairs and cut that immediately! We had an 8 track studio above my Tone Distribution office. That’s where we cut a lot of hits.

So I said, “Clarence go up there and put that on tape immediately, so he finishes “Shittin On The Dock Of The Bay,” and I say “Come up with some more ideas, man, and cut some songs.”

So that’s when Blowfly came into existence. Shittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay.

I created the Weird World record label, no address, no contact info, and these records were under the counter hits all over the country.

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Sep 062012


Blow Fly presents The Fly Boys – Fly Style


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1. Fly Style
2. P**sy Thang
3. Pen*s Delight
4. F**k It Up
5. F**king
6. Pump Up the Booty
7. People Are Still F**king
8. Everbody F**k Now
9. F**k It to the Bone
10. This Is P*nis
11. F**k Music (Got to Have It)
12. Super Whole (You Better F**k)

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Fly Style Features twelve dirty, nasty hilarious parodies of pop classics. This album is strictly for adults and not for those easily offended.

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Sep 232011

CAUTION! The Following Material is for Adult Audiences Only – Parental Advisory – Explicit Lyrics
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The Movie Premiere of The Weird World of Blowfly starring Clarence Reid Opens at O Cinema Miami on Thursday, September 29

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May 132011

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Blowfly Information
Blowfly, born Clarence Reid February 14, 1945 in Cochran, Georgia, is rightly credited as one of the musical pioneers that started the rap movement which led to the hip-hop that is so popular today. While Blowfly himself credits the “soul talking” Southern radio DJs of the ’50s and ’60s as the pioneers of rap, his 1965 version of “Rap Dirty” is widely considered as one of the first true rap songs to be released.

Before there was 2 Live Crew or even hip-hop, Blowfly was writing and singing dirty rap. Because he could not find a legitimate record label that would carry his music, Blowfly originally recorded “Rap Dirty” in the back room of Henry Stone’s Hialeah studio and released it on a label he called Weird World. After the success of Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” in 1979, Blowfly re-recorded “Rap Dirty” as “Blowfly’s Rapp” for Henry Stone’s legendary TK Records label. The song was a hit and helped the album, Blowfly’s Party reach #26 on Billboard magazine’s Black Albums chart and #82 on the Billboard Top 200 in 1980.

Clarence Reid earned his Blowfly nickname from his grandmother who exclaimed, “You is nastier than a blowfly!” after hearing him sing “Do the Twist” as “Suck My Dick” when he was just six years old. When he started recording XXX-rated parodies of popular songs, he adopted the Blowfly character to protect his regular name as a successful chart-topping writer for such TK Records greats as Betty Wright, Sam & Dave, Gwen McCrae, and most famously, KC and the Sunshine Band. He even released a number of “clean” albums under his own name.

Blowfly’s dirty lyrics have landed Reid in some legal troubles. He was sued by songwriter Stanley Adams, who was ASCAP president at the time, for spoofing “What a Diff’rence a Day Makes” as “What a Difference a Lay Makes”. Blowfly won that lawsuit and set precedent for the legality of making parodies. Record stores have been prosecuted for carrying Blowfly albums in some communities.

Samples of Blowfly and Clarence Reid songs have appeared on hit albums by the Jurassic 5, Wu Tang Clan, DJ Quik, Method Man & Redman, DMX, Beyonce, Puff Daddy, Scarface, Slim Thug, Ice Cube, Da Brat and many, many more. Blowfly has collaborated with like-minded folks like 2 Live Crew, Slug of Atmosphere, King Coleman, Gravy Train!!!!, Afroman and even Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Blowfly continues to take pot-shots at pop-culture. He still tours extensively and has just released a brand new CD called SuperBlowfly, which may be his dirtiest ever!