Sonny Thompson The Original Chart Collection


1 . Hangin’ Pt. 1
2 . Hangin’ Pt. 2
3. Candy Pt. 1
4 . Candy Pt. 2
5. Hi Ho
6. Juke Joint Pt. 1
7. Juke Joint Pt. 2
8. Gone Along
9. Neat Beat
10. Day Break Blues
11. Long Gone Pt. 1
12. Long Gone Pt. 2
13. Mexico Bound
14. Big Bad Beulah

Born Alphonso Thompson in Centerville, Mississippi on August 22, 1916, Sonny Thompson began his musical education at the Chicago Conservatory of Music, but his real interest was jazz piano, particularly Earl Hines and the pyrotechnics of Art Tatum. It was in a famous 1930’s Chicago nightclub that Sonny saw Art Tatum. Tatum became Sonny’s major influence.

Sonny made his recording debut on the small Detroit-based label Sultan in 1946. Post war Big bands were out and small jump combos usually with saxophone or piano on lead were in. This was very much the music of the nightclubs and large dancehalls. Its largest appeal was to the black middle class and it became the most frequently recorded music of the era.

In the late 1940’s, Sonny signed to Miracle Records and his first hit was “Long Gone” Part 1 and Part 2. In 1950, he went with King Records and had a short run of success as an artist. In 1955, while still with King Records, he hooked up with Henry Stone’s Rockin’ and Chart labels, where he backed the Charms doing their first million-selling record, “Hearts of Stone.”

Henry Stone left King Records and formed the Chart label. He took Sonny Thompson and David Brooks to Miami with him where Sonny was a Chart solo artist and producer. Brooks was Sonnny’s tenor man and played with him over many years.

Miami is where the Sonny Thompson Chart Collection was recorded, including the Champions, the group that Sonny formed and played with. After leaving Stone, he went to Chicago to run the King Records office as the A & R Director.

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