Rare Anita Boyer and Bobby Dukoff Digital Transfers by DJ Andrew “Le Spam” Yeomanson


Andrew “DJ Le Spam” Yeomanson brings forth tears of joy from the eyes of Deedra Boyer by gifting her with her father Bobby Dukoff’s first album Sax In Silk – May 7th, 2016 – Jake Katel

Who Are Anita Boyer and Bobby Dukoff?

Article and photos by Jake Katel

The marriage of Anita Boyer and Bobby Dukoff, and their life in Miami, was one of pioneering musical entrepreneurship that should never be forgotten.

Anita Boyer was a big band swing vocalist who also recorded more sessions than any other artist with the King Cole Trio, the earliest iteration of personnel in Nat King Cole’s voluminous recorded output.

Bobby Dukoff was a hit record sax player who doubled as an engineer, and also invented the world’s most popular saxophone mouthpiece.

Deedra Boyer is the couple’s daughter, and she recently visited Andrew “DJ LeSpam’s” City of Progress Studios in North Miami to convert some of her family’s heirloom history from analog to digital and also to share some photos and stories from her youth.


Deedra brought some amazing 16″ platters from the C.P. MacGregor radio transcription company of California, one with a handwritten label bearing Nat Cole and a stark underline. This recording has never before been released commercially.


Bobby Dukoff playing sax on the bandstand

Deedra says, “My dad’s first studio that he opened in Miami was on Miami Beach. On Bay Road. That’s where I met Duke Ellington, Barbara McNair, and Little Richard.”


Deedee’s friend Rhonda accepts a photo of young Bobby Dukoff for closer inspection

“After that, he opened a studio on NW 7th Ave in the back of an old Food Fair Market that was turned into a teen dance club where they held “The Hops.” This was where he did all of Henry Stone’s records, all his boy bands.”


Deedee Boyer holds up a portrait of Anita Boyer and Bobby Dukoff

“I never appreciated my mom’s voice when I was growing up. What a friggin talent! She had such a great ear. My mother in so many ways was the bigger talent than my dad. But she gave everything up to propel him.”


“She was the prettiest woman.”


“When she was on her deathbed her last words were, “I guess I had a pretty good life. I played with some good bands.”


“She was a big deal.”


“Her favorite band to play with was Artie Shaw.”


A Miami Herald article about the studio Bobby Dukoff and Anita Boyer opened on NW 7th Avenue, in what used to be a Fair Food Market


Bobby Dukoff with David Sanborne

“When we first moved to Miami, my dad had this huge hit record but couldn’t find work as a musician. It was tough. I remember all the clothes I had were one skirt, two blouses, and a pair of shoes.”


“Life as a musician was hard. But Dad also loved recording. He didn’t care for rock and roll, but he recorded a lot of it.”


“My parents also did a lot of radio jingles. My mom wrote most of them. And she sang the first Burger King radio commercial. You know Burger King Started in Miami?”


Anita Boyer and Bobby Dukoff wedding anniversary


“Andrew (DJ Le Spam Yeomanson) is amazing. I mean, really, this is history.”


And with that, the session was over. There are plenty of amazing materials on their way from the private collection of Deedra Boyer preserving and restoring the historic legacy of Anita Boyer and Bobby Dukoff on Miami, LA, and global music history. Stay tuned as DJ Le Spam brings it to life, and HenryStoneMusic documents the process.



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