This book contains a series of subject oriented articles presented in no particular order, that mimic a a biographical theory developed by Mark Twain which is that life stories need not be presented in linear fashion, and that each story should be recounted by the subject only for as long as it interests them to speak on it. All interviews conducted by ©Jake Katel and ©Henry Stone Music USA Inc. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited by law.

Product Description

An inside look at how the music business works from a pioneering independent record man whose career spanned gospel, blues, R&B, doo wop, soul, funk, disco, hip hop, rock, techno, electro, and pop music even today. Henry Stone is considered the greatest independent record man of all time and has been lauded by BILLBOARD and The New York Times. His industry leading work in music distribution is recounted in great detail in this conceptual autobiographical work on every aspect of the music biz from artistry, to contracts, copyrights, publishing, marketing, promotion, distribution, and more. All told in the form of his real life stories and experiences inside the music biz.


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