Blowfly Store


Blowfly Store

Blowfly, the original dirty rapper, was the first ever to do XXX parodies of popular songs. Known as the creator of the dirty rap record, Blowfly is hailed around the world as a music pioneer and has been copied many times over. He has toured with and opened for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers by their request.

Now he is back and dirtier than ever with a brand new album on the Weird World label, the original Blowfly label, recorded right here in the M. I. A. (Miami) in 2006. The grooves are pumping, the lyrics are nasty and Blowfly will have you laughing your *blank* off!

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Weird World of Blowfly Movie Trailer and Original Releases

CAUTION! The Following Material is for Adult Audiences Only – Parental Advisory – Explicit Lyrics Click here for the Blowfly Store Click the Play Button Below to Play the Video The Movie Premiere of The Weird World of Blowfly starring Clarence Reid Opens at O Cinema Miami on Thursday, September 29 All the Original Weird [Read More]

Super Blowfly

13 Super NEW Trax
Blowfly is back and nastier than ever with these brand new tracks recorded right here in the M. I. A. in the 21st Century!

Blowfly At The Movies

19 celluloid-shaking trax

Blowfly Butterfly

12 truly raunchy trax

Blowfly’s Zodiac Party

13 asstronomic trax

Weird World of Blowfly

16 totally bizarre trax

Zodiac – Blowfly

14 esoteric trax

Oldies But Goodies by Blowfly

25 “classic” trax

Blowfly’s Party

8 happenin’ trax

Blowfly Disco

7 booty shakin trax

Blowfly Rappin’, Dancin’, and Laughin’

6 poppin trax

Blowfly Porno Freak

6 smutty trax

Blowfly On TV

8 FCC-busting Trax

Blowfly On Tour

17 Nationwide Trax

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  1. […] Weird World Blowfly Releases are Available on CD and Digital Download from Henry Stone Music. CLICK HERE. Blowfly Weird World Movie […]

  2. […] Before his X-rated career began, Clarence was instrumental in the Florida soul scene of the 1960s and ’70s; he wrote Top-10 songs for Miami’s greatest R&B acts, including Betty Wright, Gwen McCrae and KC and the Sunshine Band at Henry Stone’s TK Records and numerous other labels. For 40 years Clarence has shocked and grooved audiences with Blowfly’s hilarious and provocative hard-core song. Join us for this terrific film, and for a weekend of live performances, discussions, and the chance to meet Blowfly himself! All of the original Weird World Blowfly albums are now available on CD and Digital Download. […]