Morty Craft, Ex-President of MGM Records, Loves Strippers, Met Wife in Miami

“Morty Craft is a character. The last time I spoke to him he was bout 85 years old, he called me from a stripper’s phone. He loved to hang out in the strip clubs. Morty was from New Yawk, real New York characta, like a Damon Runyon figure; one of them New York figures.

He met his wife in Miami Beach, at the Fontainebleau. She was a hooker. He was the President of MGM Records at that time and he moved down here to Miami Springs and he used to hang out in my Tone Distributing office cause we were right close to Hialeah. Real characta. In fact I think he’s still alive. I know he’s two years older than I am.

I met him hanging up there in New York when I was suing Syd Nathan around 1956. He was recording, doing a group, I met him at Al & Dicks Steakhouse. Back then in the music business you’d meet everybody at Al & Dick’s. So in fact I went to the studio with him and we were recording a big group, old group, but they were big, he had some big hits Morty.”


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