Little Beaver Talks “Party Down” To Miami New Times

tk records reunion

Little Beaver, Jimmy Bo Horne, Timmy Thomas, Willie Clarke, and Henry Stone – Photo ©Jacob Katel all rights reserved

little beaver willie hale

Willie “Little Beaver” Hale backstage at a TK Reunion concert in Hialeah, 2013. Photo ©Jacob Katel all rights reserved

Have you bought the new Henry Stone’s Best of Little Beaver on iTunes yet? It’s a collection of great music by one of the world’s favorite guitarists.

Our local newspaper, the Miami New Times, recently caught up with Willie Hale aka Little Beaver to find out all about one of his most enduring songs, “Party Down,” a beautiful tribute to being young and carefree in the Miami, Florida in 1974.

It was a hit then, and it’s still a hit today. People all over the world still love and enjoy the feeling they get when they hear great music. And Little Beaver’s great music has stood the test of time. So do yourself a favor and check out his new album. If you’re an old fan, you’ll love it. And if it’s your first time hearing it, you’ll be a fan for life.

Little Beaver has inspired countless great musicians with his catchy rhythmic guitar lyrics and sinewy leads.

Now just click this link to read all about “Party Down.”


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