Mar 102011

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1. Katie Pearl Listen to a Sample Sample
2. Everybody Has Some
3. Do Right Man
4. Funkadelic Sound
5. Does Anybody Care
6. Momma Forgot To Tell Me
7. That’s How It Is Listen to a Sample Sample
8. I’m A Man Just Like You
9. Don’t Let It End This Way
10. Miami Girl

Little Beaver was born Willie Hale in Forrest City, Arkansas on August 15, 1945. Young Hale became interested in Blues and guitar at the early age of six after listening to Blind Roosevelt perform in a Maryana, Arkansas juke joint. At the age of seven he was given the nickname Little Beaver by a local Arkansas alto saxophonist because of his two large front teeth.

In the early 1960’s he moved to Florida and in 1969 he was brought into Henry Stone’s Miami based TK family by songwriter and producer Willie Clarke where he was signed to the Cat label and was soon heard on most TK recording sessions.

One of Little Beaver’s finest hours was his outstanding self-written recording of “Miami Girl” in the summer of 1973, followed by his classic, also self-penned, “Katie Pearl.” Both “Miami Girl” and “Katie Pearl” are featured on this CD. In 1974 he took “Party Down” to #2 on the National R&B charts.

Little Beaver’s unique guitar style has been appreciated by the top musicians in the US. The late and legendary bass guitar player Jaco Pastorius used to hang out in Henry Stone’s tiny upstairs 8-track studio in Hialeah, Florida to study Little Beaver’s great guitar riffs. Liner Notes by Henry & Inez Stone

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Henry Stone

Henry Stone has been in the music business for over 60 years as a producer, distributor, and label owner. He was instrumental in the creation of many popular sounds, including Disco, Funk, and Miami Music. He discovered KC & The Sunshine Band, did some of the earliest recordings of Ray Charles, and worked closely with James Brown over the years, amongst many others. Henry is still releasing great music from his newest label, Henry Stone Music.

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