Lemon City Rhythm Section Recording “Instrumental Magic II” (Behind The Scenes)


What’s big, bad, bold, from Miami, and plays sax, keys, guitar, drums, and bass? The Lemon City Rhythm Section of course.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the Magic City’s newest instrumental supergroup recording their upcoming smash album Instrumental Magic vol. 2.

With Jeff Zavac on sax, Jerald Dorsett on keys, Aaron Fishbein on guitar, King David Hill on drums, and Shaka Pace on bass, they are a rhythmic force to be reckoned with, and the new album sounds amazing.

Check out the band recording at Aaron Fishbein’s The Franchise Studio in, where else, Lemon City. And look out for more info soon on the band’s album release party.


Instrumental Magic vol. 2 features virtuosic playing with mass appeal.


The band sounds like they’ve known each other for decades. They have!


Every track is a work of art.


And the album is suffused with hard work and soul.


King David Hill is the son of Jody Hill from KC & The Sunshine Band fame.


The Franchise Studio in Lemon City has a funky sound that Henry Stone loved.


Instrumental Magic vol. 2 is executive produced by Joe Stone for HenryStoneMusic Inc.


Decades from now, music lovers will cherish the sound of early millenium Miami.


Sometimes you know you’ve got a hit as soon as you hear it.


Jazz is America’s first original music.


The Lemon City Rhythm Section is ready for action.


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