Latin Music For Everyone from Joe Cayre’s Caytronics and Henry Stone’s Tone Latino


Have you ever heard of the independent record label Salsoul Records? Other than TK Records, it’s one of the most prolific and popular independent dance music record labels from the 1970s.

The company was founded by the Cayre brothers of Miami, Florida. But before there was Salsoul, there was Caytronics, their Latin music distribution company, which manufactured and distributed Latin tapes (mostly from Mexico) all over these United States.

One of the lines they carried was Tone Latino, Henry Stone’s epic Latin music label. The recordings of artists like Los Violines De Pego moved through areas like L.A., Chicago, Dallas, New York City; urban markets with large Latin American populations.

As you can see from this ad in Record World on July 19, 1969, Caytronics was a significant company doing important business. Their address was 240 Madison Avenue in New York City.

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