Oct 142011

Latimore “Ladies Choice” $19.99

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1) A Woman’s Love Sample
2) Made In America Sample
3) All Said And Done Sample
4) Dance With Me Sample
5) Big Ol’ Pretty Girl Sample
6) Bow Wow (I’m An Ol’ Dog) Sample
7) Sleeping With The Enemy Sample
8) Cat Got My Tongue Sample
9) What You Won’t Do For Love Sample

Latimore brings it home on this his new album titled “Ladies Choice”. Latimore brought together the talents of Florida blues great Roach Thompson on Guitar and veteran Bassist Chocolate Perry to deliver what is being touted as the greatest Blues, Jazz & Gospel album of the year. This release is ladies choice as well as top choice for Blues, Jazz, Gospel album of the decade.

Latimore: Vocals, Motif Keyboards, Lead Solos (Motif)
Roach Thompson: Guitar
George “Chocolate” Perry: Bass & Drums
Chocolate & Latimore: Horns, Strings, etc
Background Vocals by Latimore and “The Gospel Filtrations” Arranged by Chocolate Perry & Latimore

Latimore’s Ladies Choice CD
Featuring “Cat Got My Tongue”
Click Here to Watch the Video with the Sex Kitten Dancers

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  11 Responses to “Latimore – Ladies Choice”

  1. I like it Latimore !
    I have always loved that deep sexy voice of yours.
    I remember playing Let’s Straighten it out in the clubs…
    Now, we are steppin to a track of yours that’s on one of your albums called
    I really wish that you would do a remix on this track for the steppers… !!!

  2. This New CD A woman’s Love is fantastic! For all of you that like to shake it up and shake it down this is it!!!
    I especially like Dance With Me, Big Ol’ Pretty Girl ,Cat got my Tongue the music is great! Check it out. With the combination of Latimore, George Chocolate Perry all you’ll need is a dance floor.

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  5. I saw Latimore for the first tine in concert with The Legendary Bobby Womack in Chicago
    on Feb. 4 ,2012.
    I love me some Bobby Womack and this was my first time seeing Bobby Womack also.
    Latimore’s performance was off the chain !!!
    His deep vocals and awesome keyboard talents were mean !!!
    I do regret that Latimore did not do my favorite tracks;
    “Bad Risk and the steppers delight Honeymoon”
    Latimore I will be there whenever you return to Chicago !!!!

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  7. Latimore has done it again with his new single ;
    “Big Ol ” Pretty Girl”
    Latimore is “The Sliver Prince of The “Blues”
    He’s off the chain !!!!
    Coming to Chicago land surrounding area August 5,2012 ….
    I need some tickets for this one.
    I saw Latimore in Chicago on 02/04/2012 with the legendary Bobby Womack
    and the prince of “Blues as I call him was off the chain !!!!

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