Latimore and the Sex Kittens Video “Cat Got My Tongue”


“Cat Got My Tongue”

Featuring the Sex Kitten Dancers

From the “Ladies Choice” CD.


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the “Ladies Choice” CD



4 comments on “Latimore and the Sex Kittens Video “Cat Got My Tongue””

  1. Latimore is still smoking !!!
    I just love the Video and the music track.
    I saw Latimore in Chicago with Bobby Womack.
    Latimore’s stage performance was off the chain !
    Latimore Rocks !!!!

  2. ravi says:

    Intresting Videos

  3. Peggy J. Pondexter says:

    I love me some Latimore music especially around the world ,but I love all of his music that he has put out .I went to a concert to see him perform in Little Rock,Ark ,the crowd was excited to hear him sing around the world .All the singer and the crowd had a very good time.

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