Joe Stone Interviewed on Between The Liner Notes

For Joe Stone, being the son of a Disco King meant growing up in a house full of wild parties, sex, drugs, and non-stop music. And just like his father, Joe created his own pioneering role in the music business.

After sneaking and fighting his way into the studio as a teenager, Joe grew into a producer, engineer, art director, artist, and promoter who locked his voice into the DNA of hip hop culture, created a parody act of global influence, helped invent Miami Bass, and brought techno music to every major sporting event in America. These are just a few of his accolades.

As you can see, being the best in the business is easy, all you have to do is what comes natural.

Thankfully, Matthew Billy from the award winning Between The Liner Notes podcast recently stopped by the HSM headquarters to interview Joe for an upcoming episode.

If you haven’t checked out what Entertainment Weekly is raving about, (“BTLN is the ultimate listen for rock-doc lovers. It dives deep into the world of music, musicians, and the industry. Each episode investigates a fascinating story you’ve never heard before.”) Make sure and tune in. Previous episodes have examined the rise and fall of Disco, opera, zombies, and Vaudeville.

Host Matthew Billy, a professional audio engineer by trade, came prepared with excellent research, incisive questions, dope equipment, and the ears of a professional listener to a table that over two hours came to be filled with the fascinating and revelatory truths behind hits such as L’Trimm’s “Cars With The Boom,” Gucci Crew II’s “Sally That Girl,” and Joe Stone’s first BILLBOARD charting pop hit “Ronnie’s Rap.”

The interview also explored the worlds of radio promotion, the Mafia, licensing music to video games, keeping alive and digitizing tape from the 1950’s, how to clean-up smoke damage after a warehouse fire, and the future of HenryStoneMusic.

Stay tuned, we’ll let you know when the episode drops.

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