Henry Stone’s Wife Once Stole Elton John’s Glasses

Henry Stone: “I was in Cannes, France at a convention called MIDEM in the 1970s. At the time I was huge in France, a real red carpet guy at the height of the disco boom. I was there in the casino with my wife Inez and Russ Regan. I’ve known Russ since the beginning of time in the music business. He’s more of a Californian. But I know Russ cause I distributed his records. He was president of a major label, and he’d had Barry White, “Kung Fu Fighting,” The Beach Boys, Sinatra, lots of stuff, very important guy. Anyway, Russ and I were in the casino at the craps table or something, or, actually, they didn’t have craps there, they had roulette. So me and Russ Regan are at the roulette wheel and Elton John came over to say hello to him yaknow, Russ was instrumental in breaking Elton John with his first hit record when he was president of MCA’s Uni Records. So he tells Elton, “Hey man I want you to meet Henry Stone,” and Elton John said, “Henry Stone! Man I got all your records, I’m a record collector!” I say “Great, man, nice to meet ya. Come say hi to my wife.”

So we go over to the table where my wife Inez was sitting with Yvette Grubman, Allen Grubman’s wife. Allen’s been everyone from Bruce Springsteen to Michael Jackson’s lawyer. I was his first client ever. They were sitting at the table and I went over to introduce Elton John to Inez yaknow, so he comes over the table and she’s sitting there with Yvette. She turns around, and she looks at Elton John, and he looked like a waiter, and she said “I’ll have a scotch and soda please.” Hahahahahaha. I said “Inez, this is Elton John.” And we all had a laugh.

So we go back to gambling at the roulette table, Elton, Russ, and myself, and a little while later Inez comes over. So Elton’s got these glasses on right? The big famous Elton John glasses yaknow. And she takes em’ right off his face and says, “What beautiful glasses!” He says, “I can’t see! Gimme my glasses!” Yaknow.

Man, that was a funny bit, man.”


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