Henry Stone’s Official T.K. Productions T-Shirts for Sale


Henry Stone’s T.K. Productions was the parent company for over 20 of his independent record labels including TK Disco, Glades, Marlin, Alston, Dade, Dash, Bold, Cat, Clouds, Weird World, and many more. T.K. Productions was also closely related to Henry Stone’s Tone Distributors, responsible for putting a significant portion of America’s independent r&b hits on store shelves in its era. T.K. Productions was the brainchild of Henry Stone who became the biggest independent record label owner in the world in the 1970s, and along with his distribution company literally sold into the hundreds of millions of records. If you’ve ever wondered how and why records actually end up on store shelves, and you follow the trail all the way up the food chain, eventually you get to Henry Stone. He was the man. He had the plan. He made the moves. He ordered the armies of  trucks, and trains full of vinyl around America as both manufacturer and distributor. He owned his own pressing plants. He had hundreds of employees. He owned a warehouse that took up an entire city block in Hialeah at 495 S.E. 10th Court 33010. Everyday the trucks would pull up to its bays and pick up and drop off wax by the tens or even hundreds of thousands. And he continued in the business of making and selling hits until his death in 2014. It’s a truly American story of hustle, drive, determination, ambition, skill, talent, luck, and music, music, music. Get your official T.K. Productions t-shirt today. (additional postal charge for orders outside continental U.S.)



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